People use printers for printing many pages per day. We have also noticed that many users have started printing pictures for their albums right at their homes these days. A printer will help you be organized and do your tasks in a smoother and better way. However, like any other machine, a printer can also go through some small problems. The common ones are easy to tackle and only require a little knowledge of the printer parts. But some people still waste money on getting such tiny problems fixed.

If you are a victim of that expenditure make sure you go through all the ten common problems of a printer and their easy fixes that we have mentioned below –

1. The printer is displaying the trouble of not having enough ink, but it is still running

This happens many times, especially when the ink is running extremely low. As long as it keeps working and keeps printing do not change the cartridge. This is because sometimes the machine can send you false alarms. However, keep a new cartridge ready with you when such messages are displayed.

2. You cannot print with your printer using your mobile phone

You will have to check and make sure that the internet connection is strong in such a case. Since phones are connected using the internet to the printer, you will have to have a strong internet connection. Many other printers can be connected using wi-fi, so try turning that off and then on again.

3. Printing is taking too long to finish

This simple problem can be solved just by placing your router to the printer. However, this helps when your printer supports wi-fi. If it does not, you will have to select the deep clean mechanism so that the internal parts of the printer self-clean and run smoothly.

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4. you have to change the ink cartridge frequently

If you print more than 20 pages per day, you will have to spend a lot of money on the ink cartridges. For this, switching to an ink tank printer will be a much more cost-effective choice for you. The number of pages such printers print is ten folds more than the printers that use ink cartridges.

5. printed text is faded and looks lousy

Faded texts are often printed when there is something wrong with the printer setting. While some printers can be set easily, others might require a connection with a computer. In such printers, the settings can be done by having access to the control panel. There you will have to go through the printer settings carefully. In some cases, the self-cleaning of the printer will also work.

6. Your printer gets paper jams frequently

To avoid such trouble, make sure to insert the paper well and in place before selecting the print option. However, if the paper has jammed already, you might need support from the manufacturer. Apart from that, you can go through the manual that you would have received with your printer model.

7. Problems with all-in-one printers’ scanner

With all-in-one printers, their scanner software can become easily corrupted. Therefore, in such situations, you might have to reinstall it from the web. If that does not solve anything, the scanner might need a replacement.

8. Wi-fi printing is eating a lot of time

Again, like any other problem with wi-fi, this problem can also be solved by placing the router next or near the printer. Once you do that, the wi-fi’s flexibility will increase, and you will be able to print as many pages and pictures as you want with your printer.

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9. The printer is not accepting ink cartridges

Many times when you install a new ink cartridge, your printer won’t accept it. Make sure that you haven’t bought local ink cartridges and only gone for the original ones. If the cartridge is original, it might be possible that the printer is working still after displaying such messages. Hence, try printing something before you call tech support.

10. The printer does not print at all

Generally, such problems occur when the ink cartridges or ink tanks have run out of ink. Therefore, make sure you have checked them properly. Other than that, you can also check if the wires are in place or not. For printers that require USB, you should check that it is in place and well attached to its slots.


There can be many problems with the printer; however, these were the ones that people generally search on the internet. Also, please know that you should not take the matter into your hands and call tech support for bigger problems before it is too late. You should never open your printer parts at home because that can cause further damage to the system. Leave such things to the experts. We hope that our fixes of these common printer problems helped you save some time and money right at your home.

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