New printer models are launched every 3 to 4 months. If you want to purchase a printer for your personal or professional use, then it is best if you consider the types of printer available in the market. Even if you have knowledge about printing, then also checking out different options won’t be harmful.

The people who don’t have any idea about printing and how to use it then it will be a bit intimidating to select the one. Every printer has the pros and cons; you have to select the one that will be suitable to perform the task.

Basically, printers are bifurcated according to the categories depending upon the mechanism. Using this guide, you will explore out different types of printers, the latest technology used, and their uses.

Let’s begin by taking a close look at the key types to learn a little more in detail

1. Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet is a widely used printer that packs a range of features to enhance the overall use for home and small office. The better rate of convenience is ensuring a better purchase, and it is a reliable choice for home use mainly. It offers a pretty genuine printing speed, the better quality of prints, and works on tiny hoses that spray tiny dots.

The Nanoparticles will spread all over the sheet, and it will create images, texts, or whatever you want to be on the sheet. There are tiny jets which create a pixel, and these are good enough to get you a great quality. From shooting on the paper surface to any other material of choice, the convenience is extraordinary. Manufacturers come up with their own style to get you the best quality printing. The pattern is an important part here because whatever they do should be creating the finest pixels.

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The sharpness or detailing is based on the size of every dot a jet spray can print. Canon uses bubble jet where other companies are going with pressure jets that spray-on high pressure. The difference is easy to notice with speed and quality, which definitely makes sense if you are opting for the best in class product.

Uses of An Inkjet Printer 

  • Inkjet printers are fast and offer a credible use for small offices mainly.
  • Glossy paper can provide a better finish as compared to the other choices.
  • Inkjets are affordable, and they cost less on maintenance also.

2. Laser Printer

Laser Printer

Laser printers are high in demand in the past couple of months, and the main reason is their laser toner printing feature. You can expect a better quality of print from the laser printer. These are available in both, colour and B&W option, which ensure a better purchase over the other ones for sure.

It works on the same mechanism, which is followed by a photocopier. It will use a laser to draw whatever you are going after, and it can create tiny pixels for better quality. Drawing images, printing text, or any other kind of document seems like a cakewalk for a laser printer, which ensures a better use. You can find that the laser printer is providing better value for money deals as compared to the other options.

For a small business, where the user wants better speed and less maintenance, then choosing a laser printer seems like the better option. It might be expensive per print, but it is offering better value for money deal. Inkjet cost a lesser amount than this one, but if you look for durability, then laser printing is the best choice in all kind.

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Uses of Laser Printers

  • If you want to print the text, laser printing gives you great results. Your text will be more accurate than inkjet printers.
  • Choosing a laser printer seems like the most efficient option, and it is also going to be fast on a daily basis. It takes less time as compared to an inkjet printer.
  • As you compare this option to the other ones, it is also an affordable choice but its maintenance; it seems a bit expensive.

3. LED Printer 

LED Printer 

LED printer works in a similar way as that of laser printers. Even when they are put on sale, they are categorized in the similar bracket as a laser printer. The difference between laser printer will use the laser and LED printers will emit the lights that will help to burn the image. The method used to print is the same for both the printers.

One question in the mind of searchers is whether LED printers are good as that of the laser printers. So, LED printers are from the running costs perspective, but when talking about the quality of an image, laser printing is any day better than LED printers.

Uses of LED Printers 

  • For businesses that want to go for printing documents, it seems like the best alternative.

4. Day Sublimation Printer

Day Sublimation Printer

Have you ever thought of how t-shirts and ID cards are printed? Well, a day sublimation printer is used. It’s aprinter that is quite larger than a normal printer to fulfill all the accustom needs to transfer the dye on the material like cotton, polyester, etc. The printing is done through the heat and dyeing method, as the heat press will imprint the designing on the material.

These methods are mainly used for the ID cards or t-shirts because this will make an image less riskier to get scratch and makes it long-lasting.

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Uses of Day Sublimation Printer 

  • It is used for printing t-shirts and ID cards.
  • The printing is done with the heat press to make it long-lasting.

5. Thermal Printers

Thermal Printers  

You can see them in restaurants, railway reservation or ATMs. They will generate an image by pushing heat pins generated from electricity on the heat-sensitive papers. The image will be destroyed after some time. The convenience rate is making it one of the reliable choices, and it can fulfill all your basic needs in a better manner. That’s why you can rely on the purchase of this option over the other ones.

Uses of Thermal Printers 

  • Printing on the paper using a heat source makes it one of the convenient and reliable option.
  • The prints are genuine, and they have a decent level of detail, but not as good as a laser printer.


This is the list of printers that you can easily find nowadays. The printers mentioned are for both home and office use. According to your requirement, you can select the best printer for your day to day use. All these printers work differently, but all of them have the same premises.

You will find detailed information about the printers, along with the uses that will make it easy for you to select the right printer for you. Once you consider these factors, you can grab the best in class options based on types.