When you have a tremendous amount of office work, you will need a printer, a fax machine, a scanner, and a copier. But buying all the equipment in bulk is not the approach of many people. This is why they tend to stick to the all in one printer. All in one printer are also known as a multifunction printer. Such printers can be used to print, scan, copy as well as fax documents.

However, like any other approach towards multitasking, this approach also has advantages and disadvantages. Today, we have taken out some time to discuss just the same. This is because we have not found enough data about this topic on the internet. Apart from that, we have also seen people struggle to get the information at their fingertips.

We have tried to compile as many pointers as we can to help you with everything. Let us now begin by discussing both of the aspects of all in one or MFP printers.

Advantages of All-in-one Printers

  • Cost while Buying:

For doing four different tasks, you are buying a single machine. Thus, you will have to pay a lesser price than you would have to pay if you bought four different machines to do the job. Such investment proves to be fantastic for small business owners as they only need a little money to invest. This is also the reason why many people stick to buying all-in-one printers. Companies do not need to save a massive amount of money.

  • Space Saving Nature:

Another advantage of all in one printer is that they will help you save a lot of space in the office. This is extremely easy to understand. Four different machines will undoubtedly take more space than a single machine. Additionally, such printers will also help you to avoid clutter and quickly do everything. We are saying that because running everything smoothly in the office, you will have to keep everything organized, which is also the case with machines.

  • High Flexibility and Speed:

when you compare all-in-one printer to another type of printers, you will find that they are faster in their operation. Some people think that since all-in-one printers have to do four tasks, they will surely operate slowly. However, the case with these printers is just the opposite. Even when you scan, print, fax, and copy back to back, all-in-one printers still won’t create any problems for you and let you operate everything speedily and flexibly.

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Disadvantages of All-in-one Printers

  • Limited Color Options in Printing:

We have witnessed that most of the all-in-one printers only print in black and white colors. This is because, for all the printer’s tasks, the ink reservoir is the same. Therefore, you are only supposed to fill that reservoir with one color only. This turns out to be a problem for people who want to do color printing. Additionally, you are not supposed to fill any ink other than the black one to do the job.

  • Time-Consuming when the tasks are stacked:

Even though the printing process of all-in-one printers is faster than other printers, you will have to keep in mind that the stacking of different tasks may make the machine to take time. Therefore, if you are multitasking and have stacked too many of the scanning, copying, and faxing programs, the printer will analyze and finish each of the tasks. Sometimes too much stacking can eat up a lot of your time, and you end up with wasted hours.

  • Machine Maintenance:

Imagine all-in-one printers shutting down. In such a case, the printing will stop, but the faxing, copying and scanning tasks will also reach a halt. This can cause a lot of loss to a company as all types of work will simply stop. This often happens when the printer is hugely worked up and hasn’t been offered a servicing for many months around the year. One has to think about this point in detail before his/her investment.

  • Power Consumption:

Since all-in-one printers are multitasking, they require a huge amount of power from the electricity to work well. You might find them expensive at the end of the month as they will make you pay extra money in the electricity bill. Additionally, the maintenance charges of such printers are also very high. Therefore, even though the initial investment in all-in-one printers is less, you will have to spend extra money every year to keep them working.

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From everything we have mentioned above, we are sure that you are now clear about whether you want to invest in an all in one printer or not. But, you should have your eyes and mind on both the advantages and disadvantages of this printer type. If you wish, you can also try comparing different models of all-in-one printers. After all, there are many models that you will come along in the market. Also, do not forget to be clear about what you need and what you don’t.