10 Best 3D Printers in India 2021 – Ultimate Reviews & Guide

In the process of 3D Printing, a three-dimensional physical object is created with the help of its digital model, which is also three dimensional. Many thin layers of proper material are layered above each other to create the structure. It brings the CAD representation of the object to a physical form just be correctly and precisely adding layers of material. Since the whole process is done with the help of machines, the creation of the object takes less time, and what you create also does not have any errors.

All of the processes of 3D Printing can be done using a printer known as a 3D printer. This printer works a lot like an inkjet printer. But for it to start printing, you will have to create a digital 3D model of whatever you want to create. Generally, you will need a 3D software, a 3D scanner, and a haptic device to finish the entire process. Once you are done creating the model, the printer will splice it in a lot of layers so that it can start layering. However, some printers might not have the splicing feature, and you will have to look for alternatives.

Nonetheless, these printers are fascinating, and many people have started buying them instead of hefty toys for their grown-up children. Even in India, we have seen many educators who own a 3D printer to teach their students better. These superb printers are fascinating and also find their applications in many types of STEM projects. But if you are skeptical of buying them in India, we would like to share that we are here to help you. Today, we are here with ten of the best 3D Printers that you can use to create amazing objects.

Best Buy 3D Printers Online In India

Let us know their details along with their pros and cons below –

1. WOL 3D DIY Printer

WOL 3D DIY Printer

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The extruded design of this amazing 3D Printer by WOL 3D is so great, and you will never have any problems with the extrusion and the nozzle. Many times the nozzle of the printer gets clogged, and that surely creates a lot of problems. This is never going to happen with this printer. Additionally, in cases of a power outage also, the printer will be able to resume where it left. Most of the times, people keep searching for a 3D Printer with resume function, but they are unable to. It can also be a great gift to your kids, and 3D Printing is the next big thing. It is also going to be a huge part of the modern world.

Other than that, this 3D printer is also great for labs and STEM projects. This way, it helps in innovating and discovering many new wonders. This printer only weighs 8 kg and has the overall dimensions of 22 X 22 X 30 cm. It works at 360 Watts, and the maximum temperature that the nozzle can reach is 255 degrees Celsius. With the amazing one-piece structure, you will also be capable of saving a lot of space easily. This fantastic 3D Pinter is the new age printer, and you will want to try it. So, don’t wait too long and have your hands on it as soon as you can. Its amazing performance will surely woo you.


  • Even during power lapses, the printer can resume work easily.
  • Its parts are tested very well before they reach you.
  • It is an amazing product for STEM projects. Its assembly is easy.


  • We do not have any cons of this printer so far.

2. Comgrow Creality Ender Pro 3D Printer

Comgrow Creality Ender Pro 3D Printer

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Throughout the surface of this printer the overall temperature is always well maintained. This prevents any kind of overloading on the printer at any cost. And even after that if it gets heated, it will cool down as soon as possible. The printing models are also easy to remove. Additionally, this printer by Combrow also comes with a certified power supply. This way, it will remain protected from all kinds of power surges as well as power lapses. After a power lapse, it will continue printing from where the extruder’s last position is. This way, you can leave it unattended to finish its work easily.

For engineering and electronics enthusiasts, this 3D printer is just the best. This printer is an upgraded model of the Ender 3. So you might want to check Ender 3 3D Printer as well before you invest in it. This way, you will understand the specification of this 3D printer in a better way. It is from a fully open source. So, you will be able to improve it and make it better than it already is. For its installation, you will only have to spend a maximum of 10 minutes. In that time, you will never find any step of the process difficult courtesy the amazing design of this 3D printer. This is a new generation printer, and you will love choosing it.


  • It has a magnetic build surface for better protection and ensuring a consistent temperature.
  • Its extruder is upgraded so that you never face any plugging risks.
  • It only weighs 8.6 kg and is very easy to port. The print quality is excellent and highly improved.


  • This 3D printer is more for beginners; hence you must not stick to it for bigger projects.

3. Flashforge Finder 3D Printer

Flashforge Finder 3D Printer

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The Flashforge Finder Printer by WOL3D is the dream on anyone who loves 3D Printing. It is an amazing printer for people of all ages. And guess what? Children can use it too. Imagine how fascinated your children will be if you get them this printer. After all, it is good to keep them surrounded by technology. Many parents have started purchasing robotic toys for their kids. Through them, children learn a lot of things. It also helps in creating their interest in coding from a very young age. Then why not invest in a good 3D Printer? It will surely help them enjoy their free time and learn at the same time as well.

Additionally, you can also buy it for home use or if you are an educator. It is better to keep technology as your plus point if you want to teach your students well. Its inbuilt filament design is very simple yet extremely effective. Furthermore, when the filament gets used up, you will also be reminded of that with the alarm that this printer uses. If you want to know more good things about this 3D printer you will be happy that we are not done. The extruder of this printer is built in such a way that it always avoids clogs. There are no visible wires in this 3D printer, and you will appreciate its clean design as much as we do.


  • Its industrial design and fruity modeling are some things that are marvellous.
  • You will get a reminder whenever its filament runs out.
  • The overall operation of this 3D printer is very quiet.
  • It has a touch screen panel which will allow you to run is easy.
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  • We have found no cons of this 3D printer till now.

4. 3IDEA 3D Printer with Removable Surface Plate

3IDEA 3D Printer with Removable Surface Plate

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Next on the fourth spot of this list of 3D Printers, we have the fantastic 3D printer by 3IDEA for you. Its surface plate can be easily removed, which will allow you to maintain its temperature at all situations. High-temperature surges in a 3D printer have been a reason for their stoppage for a long time. Sometimes in those high heat situations, the printers also stop working and you end up wasting a lot of money. Yes, we mention that because 3D Printers cost a lot. Even when some of them are built for beginners, they still create a hole in your pocket. Therefore, always look for a printer that is able to maintain its temperature.

One more feature that we like about this 3D printer is that it has the resume-print function. This way if you stop it suddenly, it will require no additional instruction feeding of where it should begin with. Instead, it will smoothly begin from the exact point that it left Printing. Additionally, you will receive this 3D printer in a semi-assembled state. This way, you will not have to waste a lot of time studying its minute assembly. If you are worried about the service warranty, we are joyous to tell you that 3IDEA will offer it to you free 3 months. Moreover, no matter how big or small you can always reach out to 3IDEA very easily if you have any doubts.


  • This 3D printer always maintains its temperature very well.
  • Its design is intricate, and it will reach to you in a semi-assembled state.
  • This printer is very smart and works on Fused Deposition Modelling.
  • Even if you have no experience with 3D Printing, you can still use this printer easily.


  • The instruction in the manual of this 3D printer can be difficult to understand for some people.

5. WOL3D UPGRADED 3D Printer


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We have a WOL3D Printer for you again. That is because WOL3D is a very reliable and trustable company. Additionally, their 3D printers are securing a firm place in the Indian Market. As soon as you get their printers, you will wish to work on them again and again. For its assembly, you will only need to fix almost 20 nuts, and the entire process will be finished in just a couple of hours. To make your job easy WOL3D will take up most of the assembly requirements and all that is left will be very easy to fix even when you are someone who has never purchased or fixed a 3D Printer before in your life.

This UPGRADED 3D printer has a very innovative design, and the V-slot cooperates well with the Prusa I3 frame. The print size with this printer is always perfect, and you are never going to have any problems with that at all. All of its parts never reach you if they aren’t tested well. This is one of the reasons why we trust WOL3D more than any other company that creates 3D printers. With minimized plugging risks and a viscous platform, all your wrapping problems will be solved. It will also help you in cutting printing costs because the platform will replace the reprinting glue and tape very easily. Its power requirements are also low as it only needs 360 Watts.


  • It can work in online as well as SD Offline mode.
  • It won’t eat up too much of power whenever you work with it.
  • The maximum nozzle temperature that the 3D printer will be able to reach is 255 degrees temperature.
  • It will be a great gift for teenagers.


  • We did not come along any cons of this 3D printer till now.

6. 3IDEA da Vinci Jr Pro 3D Printer

3IDEA da Vinci Jr Pro 3D Printer

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We trust 3IDEA with all our hearts, and we are sure that once you choose their da Vinci Jr Pro 3D Printer, you will start to trust them too. What we appreciate most about their 3D Printers is that they have a very clean design. This is why they look more modern than other types of 3D Printers that you will occasionally find when you look for them on the internet. Additionally, with this 3D printer, you can print objects with 3rd party filaments as well. This way, you won’t have to spend your time and money looking for a particular type of filament that the 3D printer will start printing with. All of this is possible because the extruder nozzle’s temperature settings in this 3D printer can be quickly adjusted.

Moreover, the nozzle of the extruder is 0.3 mm wide. From that, you would have realized how amazing the quality of the object will be that you will try to print with this 3D printer by 3IDEA. The resolution that this printer offers is also very high and is rated at 50 microns. It is also compatible with many types of g-codes from third parties. It is high in performance and is also compact at the same time. It will help you improve your workflow in many folds and can be set up with your computer very easily. It works on the Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing method and always offers you optimum printing results.


  • Its build volume is 5.9 X 5.9 X 5.9 inches.
  • The best thing is that it is compatible with third-party filaments as well.
  • The temperature of its extruder can be adjusted very easily and quickly.
  • It has a 9-point calibration, which is automatic and helps in determining the distance between the print bed and the extruder very well.


  • For those of you who like open frame 3D Printers, this 3D printer is not for you.

7. ANYCUBIC 3D Printer with Photon UV Photocuring


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Even if you think this 3D printer will cost you a lot of money, we will still say that it is one of the best 3D Printers in the country. And we aren’t even trying to exaggerate it. Its high price is also the reason why you will not find many customer reviews of this 3D printer but trust us when we say that its print quality is top-notch. Additionally, it is well equipped with photon slicer software. This way, you won’t have to look for alternatives when splicing the 3D CAD design of the object you want to print. With splicing, the printer becomes capable of creating many thin layers of the design so that the object comes out after printing with many intricate details.

For splicing design of 30 MB, the software will only take 1 minute. And even then the layers will be spliced very well with all the details being kept intact. However, we appreciate the most about the ANYCUBIC 3D printer because you will get a lifetime technical support with it. It does not matter when you purchase it, if you have problems with it, you will get great support from the company’s team. Moreover, the resolution of the product is 47 microns in the XY axis and 10 microns in the Z-axis. This 3D printer will bring out all the designs that you want to print to reality. Go for it now!

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  • The resolution of this 3D printer is superb.
  • It comes equipped with slicing software.
  • You will also get a 2K LCD screen and an FEP film with the product.


  • Some people find this 3D printer a bit expensive.

8. Creality DIY Easy Assemble 3D Printer

Creality DIY Easy Assemble 3D Printer

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On number eight let us discuss the Creality 3D Printer. This printer supports PLA, TPU as well as ABS material. You must have already thought of all the objects that you can create with it. It is highly portable, and that is why you can move it to whichever place you are sticking to work very easily. The printing size that you will be able to achieve with it is 250 X 220 X 220, which is pretty amazing for such a compact 3D Printer. The technical assistance you will receive when you purchase this 3D printer is also something that will make you give a pat on your back to choose it.

With a weight of only 8 kg, this superb 3D printer will help you have a flexible workplace. Additionally, think about all the adjustments you would be able to make when you are thinking of changing things for good. In just 12 steps, the assembly of the entire 3D printer will be finished. Isn’t that something that you will surely appreciate? Its extruder is highly upgraded, and it will help in reducing all the risks of bad extrusion. The overall operation is very quiet, and the speed of the printer is also enough to create things precisely. As soon as you pick this printer you will realize how its warmth is much better than all the 3D printer that you thought of picking.


  • This 3D printer is easy to move here and there, and it also does not take too much space.
  • The print quality of this 3D printer is highly rated.
  • The ratings of this printer on Amazon are very high.


  • The adhesion can be improved and made a little better.

9. 3IDEA Imagine Create Print 3D Printer

3IDEA Imagine Create Print 3D Printer

Buy From Amazon

Another great addition that we want to bring from 3IDEA is the 3D printer which goes by the model name of Imagine Print. This 3D printer is all sorts of fabulous. From its design is its print quality, everything about this product will impress you highly. Even when its design is enclosed, you will still view whatever you are printing inside it. That is all available to you courtesy its see-through enclosure. We have seen many people who always like to sneak into their printers when they start the printing process. Many of them are extremely cautious, so they want to have a look to make sure everything is going fine.

Additionally, one of the best things about this deal is that this 3D printer is not that expensive. Therefore, people who find 3D Printers highly costly will be able to get their hands on this one. After all, 3D Printers are fascinating devices, and many of us want to at least try them once in our lives. It adopts the high-quality mirror painting technology so that the printing quality is well suited to your personal style. Its printing platform is traditional and subverting, but it will never allow the printer to make any mistakes at all. You can obtain printing models very easily, and the mute operation of the printer is something that will help you not to feel disturbed while the work is done.


  • This 3D printer works on mute and does not create unwanted sounds.
  • The platform for this product is something that is very suitable for 3D Printing.
  • The double screw motor and the Z-axis cooperate very well for the creation of precise designs.


  • The speed of this printer is low, so it will eat some time to print an object.

10. 3DINNOVATIONS 3D Printer with Prusa i3

3DINNOVATIONS 3D Printer with Prusa i3

Buy From Amazon

When people think of 3D Printers, they think about these devices that are very difficult to work on. They also keep thinking about these bulky machines and tough to create object models. We have a surprise for people like this because this 3D printer by 3DINNOVATIONS will solve all your problems. From all the 3D Printers that we have described till now, this one is the easiest to operate. You just got to have good 3D CAD models, and the printer will let you create amazing objects quickly. Additionally, it is an open frame 3D Printer. Therefore, you will able to notice each step closely so as to prevent all sorts of errors in the design.

It is an FDM 3D Printer. This means that it works by creating thin and intricate layers of the material for creating an object. The layers are so thin that you will never notice any kind of flaw in the object that you decide to create with this i3 3D printer by 3DINNOVATIONS. For its assembly, you just have to fix and tighten 20 screws. The entire process is very easy, and you will understand where to fix those screws by reading the model that you will receive with the 3D Printer Parts. It is one of the safest 3D Printers in the country, and you can leave your kids to operate it without worrying too much about any damage.


  • This is a very cost-effective and functional 3D Printer by 3DINNOVATIONS.
  • Its manual is easy to understand and will help you in fixing everything in just 10 minutes.
  • The customer support of 3DINNOVATIONS is marvellous.


  • You won’t be able to find many customer reviews of this 3D printer online.

Things You Must Consider When You Buy a 3D Printer

Below we have five factors for you. Before you choose any 3D printer to take a vivid look at all five of them. Once you do, you will be clearer about what you must choose and what you must not choose. Let us discuss them –

  • Print Speed

When it comes to 3D Printers, many people think that a faster 3D Printer will be better. However, all of that simply depends on your expectations with the piece that you are creating. Therefore, you must stick to consider the quality of the Printing more than the printing speed. Because its speed is high, the print quality will probably below.

You should also know that 3D Printers which work at a speed more than 160 m/s are the ones that lead to a bad quality end product.

  • Type of Printer
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Out of the major 3D Printer types, many people stick to pick the FDM 3D Printer. An FDM 3D Printer was first made by Scott Crump in late 1980s. Such printers are very inexpensive and are great for people who do 3D Printer as a hobby. For working, first heat and then extrude the filament made of thermoplastic for creating the parts. The parts are created by focusing on one layer at a time. After each cycle, the print bed is slightly lowered so that the printer can move on to printing the next layer of the object. An FDM printer can look hefty to operate, but once you choose it, you will be happy with its overall usage.

  • Consider your goals

Before you pick any 3D printer from our extensive list above, you must be careful while you consider that. That is because, before anything, you must be clear about what you want to create with it and where you want to use it. Many people buy 3D Printers for their STEM projects because that way, they do not have to spend a lot of time in manufacturing the pieces that they have created. But if you are a parent or an educator then also you can select a 3D printer as it will help you a lot in giving your child the best access to technology in their early stages of intellectual development.

  • Type of Frame

There are basically two types of frames when it is about the 3D Printers. These frames are known as – open and close frames. An open frame printer is more exposed and gives you better visibility of what you are printing. Therefore, whatever you print with it, you will be able to keep an eye on the process. On the other hand, closed frame 3D Printers are the ones that have an enclosed design. However, the close frame 3D printers are much safer than open-frame 3D printer even if they do not allow you to look at all the layering that comes along in the process. This you will have to decide for yourself.

  • Price of the 3D printer

The elephant in this room is surely the price of a 3D printer. We know for sure that 3D printers are priced extremely high. That is because when it comes to technology, such type of printers are the most advanced ones. This is the exact reason why their prices are so high. However, you are still going to find many options on our list that you can afford. If you wish you can also save up some money so that you can purchase the printer later on. But make sure that you an idea of the average price because if you do not, you will end up buying the wrong thing and also lose a lot of money.

3D Printers Frequently Asked Questions

The 3D printers are the latest printing machines to get. If you want to get a 3D printer, then you may end up with many questions in mind. If you have plenty of questions about a 3D printer, then here are their solutions. Here you can find some of the frequently asked questions about the printer and its answer. 

  • What is a 3 D printer? 

3d printer is an excellent piece of technology that enables high definition printing. It differs from the regular printer as you can design and print anything. The fused deposition modelling feature of the machine helps you take printing into the next level. 

  • What can I print or create through 3D printers? 

You can perform an infinite number of prints form the 3D printer. You can use this 3D technology as modelling software to create any designs. You can use it for art, engineering, science, fashion, recreation and any printing. You can experience custom printing with the 3d printer. 

  • Are the 3d printers and its materials expensive? 

The 3d printer is not at all expensive. Many think due to its advanced feature the printer is very costly. However, you buy the materials required for the printer for an affordable price. The printer itself is affordable for the entire printing task it performs. 

  • Do they print solid materials? 

The speciality of the 3D printers is that it can print solid materials. ABS plastic, tools, figures are some of the objects that you can print here. However, they do not print solid metal but can print metal fill. 

  • How long does it take to print with it? 

The printing time depends on the size and intensity of the object you print. The printer can print smaller objects in minutes. For the larger objects, it can take even hours to print. The time taken by the 3D printer to print items is quick and fast. 

  • Why is the 3D printer useful?

The 3D printing technology is something that everyone wants. It is the best invention you can own if you are in a production or business line. You can print almost anything with it. It is a printer that is useful for industrial, medical commercial, business and home use. You can start printing for a hobby by creating unique prints with this technology. 

  • Can I choose different infill in 3d printing? 

The 3d printing infill helps you to print designs inside an object. You can use higher infill to make the object or sample stronger. You can choose any type, shape, design or size of infill for printing. 

  • Is it a good investment? 

Yes, there is nothing better to invest than the 3D printers. It is a massive opportunity to make custom printing with technology. You can save a great deal of money when owning the printer. For quality and ultimate printing experience, the ideal option for you is the 3D printers. 

3D printing is the revolutionary technology in the imaging field. If you are buying a 3D printer and want to know solutions, then consider the frequently asked questions. The above FAQ will help you to get the best 3D printer for professional or personal purpose. 


Many people have started buying 3D Printers for their personal use these days. However, we have also witnessed many parents who wish to purchase and invest in a 3D Printer for their children. This is a very good practice as we decide to move towards a life filled with technology. We hope that you found your 3D printer from our list or at least liked a few of them for a purchase that you wish to create later on.

Do not forget our buying guide at the end and give it a read before you go into your shopping ventures for the right 3D Printer.

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