We live in a modern era where we can save a humongous number of trees by avoiding the paper used for documents. Now we have modern technology and can save our important documents digitally. It is also true that humanity is still not on that stage where we can completely avoid using papers for our documents. Right? Therefore, the use of paper for important documents and paper printing is still in use. If you want a printer to print important documents and scan them as well, then for sure, the inkjet type of printers is the best option.

Well, in India, the inkjet types of printers are more popular than the laser jet printers. With inkjet printers, you can not only print the black text documents, but they are also quite useful for printing colorful presentations and images. If you are a student or a working professional, then the inkjet printers can be the best useful printing device. A basic inkjet printer comes with some color cartridges, and once you have used all the quantity of the color ink, then either you can replace those cartridges with new ones, or some printers also allow you to use the refilled cartridges too.

Best Buy Inkjet Printer Online In India

But the main problem occurs when it comes to buying the right type of inkjet printer in India because there are too many variations present in the market. Another reason behind the confusion in buying the printers is that mostly printer manufacturers provide the inkjet printer that is good at any specific section. Like some printers offer good text printing quality, some others offer excellent color printing than the black text document printing, and some brands are offering the printers that can print documents at less cost per page. To resolve all these confusions, we are here to help you out by listing this post of seven best inkjet printers in India 2020, for both office and home use.

1. Canon IP110 Colour Inkjet Printer

Canon IP110 Colour Inkjet Printer

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First, we have decided to include the first inkjet printer of this list by the famous worldwide brand called Canon. When you ask in India for recommendations about the printers to buy, then for sure many people will suggest that you should choose a Canon inkjet printer. And the best part is that the Canon brand offers a few series of inkjet printers where they are offering different inkjet printers as per the need of the user. On the very first spot of this list, we have the Canon IP110 Color Inkjet Printer, and about other series of printers by Canon, we will talk later. Focusing on this one, so before going forward to the feature section, we want first to let you know that it is a single functional inkjet printer. You can use this inkjet printer only for printing documents and color photos; it means there is no inbuilt scanner that comes with it.

Now let’s move forward to the features section of this Canon IP110 printer, so first of all, we want to talk about the connectivity. This particular printer option comes with both basic wired connectivity and advanced wireless ones as well. The connectivity is another highlight of this printer because you can send the print commands to the printer wirelessly by connecting it with your smartphone. It is only possible because the manufacturers have offered the built-in wifi here. We liked the most because of its design, yeah, you got it right, there is something that you need to know about its design section. The design is more compact than the other inkjet printers present in the market, which looks stunning, and it is also excellent for saving space on your office desk. The Easy Photo Print+ is a computer software provided by Canon; it can make your photo printing and editing task super easy.


  • The other brands are only offering the four colors in their color inkjet printers, but in this one, you will get five colors.
  • There is nothing to complain about the connectivity section of this inkjet printer; thus, it becomes super easy for you to print documents and photos wirelessly.
  • The quality of printed text seems very lovely because you can see the smaller text as well.


  • It is a premium segment of the inkjet printer, but you are still not getting the built-in document scanner.

2. HP Deskjet 2621 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

HP Deskjet 2621 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

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HP is one of the most reliable and old competitors in the market when it comes to electronic devices. In India, people believe in this brand more instead of any other brand because HP is offering more value to their customers and providing value for money type of products. Therefore we have decided to include a value for money type of printer from the server of the HP brand called Deskjet All-In-One Inkjet Printer. This time on the second spot of this list, we have added the HP Deskjet 2621 All-In-One Inkjet Printer. The best thing that we liked the most about this inkjet printer is that it only costs you around five thousand rupees in India, which seems great. But it doesn’t mean that it comes at an affordable price so it won’t offer all the essential features. Instead, the manufacturers have tried to include every single feature that a person requires for home and office use.

Going down to the feature section, so first let’s consider the type of this printer, from this point we want to address that it has everything that you need. For example, this inkjet printer comes with the inbuilt scanner within this affordable price point. You can not only print the documents but also perform the copy printing task and scan the documents. Talking about the printing cost of this printer device, so as per the HP brand, per black and white page will cost you around 4.8 rupees. Where, on the other hand, the color printing per page will charge you nearly 6.6 rupees, which is a bit expensive. That’s why we suggest that if you are willing to print only less than 100 pages per month, it would be a great option. If you want to print more pages like 200 or 300 per month, it might not be the right choice.

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  • Another great thing that we liked the most here is that you can connect this printer with smart devices like Alexa and Google assistant too.
  • The highly affordable price point is the biggest reason that influenced us to include this inkjet printer.
  • High DPI of 1200 by 1200 is a suitable DPI for printing the detailed documents, and you won’t get any clarity issues.


  • The cost per page printing is slightly higher; that’s why it is perfect for minimal printing tasks.

3. Epson M100 Monochrome Inkjet Printer

Epson M100 Monochrome Inkjet Printer

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If you have only ten thousand rupees budget to get a reliable type of printer for both home and office use, make sure to look at this one. On the third spot of this list, we are here with the Epson M100 Monochrome Inkjet printer. There are multiple things to consider and talk about in this inkjet printer, but before going forward to the features section, we want to let you know that it is a monochrome type of printer. In simple words, you can only print the black and white documents with the help of this printer; this seems the only drawback here. Epson is another trendy brand in India because, at the budget segment, it offers value for money printers at highly affordable or competitive prices.

Now let’s talk about the features of this Epson M100 printer, so let’s first talk about the print speed. As per the manufacturers’ claim, this particular printer can easily print more than seven black and white document pages in one minute only. However, the print quality is another thing that we want to address here, so the company claims that this printer can be offering matchless document printing quality. But the thing that we liked the most is that the printed ink by this printer doesn’t leave its position easily, which means it provides reliable printing quality. Not only this but, because of the higher DPI printing, you can also compare it to the laser printers because the text clarity is on the next level. The ink tank is present on one side of this printer, which allows you to refill the tank when the liquid ink gets consumed easily.


  • The printing cost per page of this page is below 2.5 rupees per page, that’s why you can use it to print more than 300 pages per month.
  • Because of the higher DPI printing, you will not be going to complain about the small text clarity; instead, you can compare it to the laser printer.
  • The printing speed is just incredible with this inkjet printer; you can easily achieve eight pages per minute mark.


  • None so far

4. HP DeskJet 1112 Inkjet Printer

HP DeskJet 1112 Inkjet Printer

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When it comes to buying the inkjet printer under a very strict budget, then no other printer option can defeat this one. On the fourth spot of this list, we have decided to add the HP DeskJet 1112 Inkjet Printer, which is a highly affordable range of the printer. Talking about its price, in India, you can buy it under the price of two thousand rupees only, that is incredible. But it doesn’t mean that it is a dummy model of any printer, not at all, it is a fully functional type of printer. And before going forward to the feature section, we want to tell you that it is a typical example of single functional inkjet printers. Do you know the best part about this printer, and what unique is this offering, unlike other budget-friendly printers? It is that it can print both color and black and white documents, therefore, we called it a fully functional inkjet earlier.

First, talking about the connectivity, so it only supports the USB port connectivity, and no other wireless connectivity available here. Apart from that, the USB connectivity also works pretty well after connecting it with the PC or a Laptop. And because there is no inbuilt document scanner that comes with it, you can only use it for printing documents through PC or Laptop, and you can’t be able to perform the copy and scanning document task with it. Surprisingly, the manufacturers have offered a good and optimized type of DPI rendering here; therefore, it can print smaller details. The only thing that some people don’t like is that the print per cost of this inkjet printer is way higher than other printers. If you use it to print one page black and white document, it will cost you nearly 4.8 rupees, on the other hand, it costs you 6.6 rupees for each color print.


  • It is a highly affordable range of printers, but still, the manufacturer has maintained the printing speed quite well, it can print more than seven pages per minute.
  • DPI rendering is pretty impressive here, and the manufacturers have optimized the DPI rendering for better-printed results.
  • You can connect it with almost all the versions of computer OS because the connectivity support is quite impressive here.


  • The build quality of this printer seems cheap at first tough because they have used low-quality plastic outside.

5. Canon MG2570S Inkjet Printer

Canon MG2570S Inkjet Printer


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There are only a few options present at the price of below five thousand rupees that come with multi-functional type. But in case if you are willing to spend your money on a budget segment of an inkjet printer that must have the in-built document scanner, then do make sure to consider this one. On the fifth spot of this list, we have a device to change the Canon MG2570S Inkjet printer. In our opinion, all of you are already familiar with the Canon brand’s printers, but this one is different from the previous one. First thing first, from outside, this printer looks just stunning because of the unicolor and compact design. Apart from that, the compact design also helps you a lot to save a lot of space on your office desk or study desk.

Now let’s move forward to the other important points or features of this printer, but first, we want to talk about the connectivity. Here you will only get the USB connectivity and no wireless connectivity available, but the USB connectivity supports almost all the computer operating systems. Going down to the paper printing segment, so in our opinion, it is a perfect option for those who are looking for a printer for moderate usage. This inkjet printer works on the cartridge basis instead of the ink tank; therefore, you can simply replace the old consumed cartridges with the new ones to use this printer for further printing tasks. The auto turns off feature is another underrated feature that can be very helpful when you forgot to turn it off.

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  • We have included this particular model of inkjet printer on our list because this is one of the best printers that offering all the essential features at the price point of below five thousand rupees.
  • Printing quality and printing speed, in both segments, perform dramatically compared to other budget-friendly printers.
  • It looks like a perfect printer for those looking for a printer for moderate usage for their study and office work.


  • None so far

6. Canon Pixma E470 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma E470 All-in-One Inkjet Printer

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Next, we have another very identical looking printer like the previous spot of the printer by Canon. In terms of the design section and the brand name, there are no significant differences present, but there are still some segments where you need to focus. Let’s first move on to the functionality, so Canon is one of those brands that offer the multi-functional type of inkjet printer at the price of around five thousand rupees only. And this particular Pixma E470 model of printer is an excellent example of the multi-functional printers at a reasonable price. For better clarification, we want to tell all the readers that Canon’s Pixma series of printers are very popular in the Indian market.

As mentioned earlier, it is a multi-functional printer, so there is an inbuilt document scanner present. It means you can perform tasks like printing, copying, and scanning the document with this Pixma E470. Talking about the connectivity, so, unfortunately, in this version or model of printer, you also not getting wireless connectivity. This printer only offers the USB connectivity, and thankfully, it supports almost all the versions and types of computer-based operating systems. The DPI rendering is also pretty decent here, but yeah, you can expect a good printing quality. If we talk about the printing speed, so as per the claims of manufacturers, it can print more than four pages per minute.


  • The control panel for different printing, scanning, and copying commands is present on the upper-left side that is super easy to control.
  • Because of the functional operating system connectivity, you can use this printer with almost all the versions of operating systems in PC or Laptop.
  • With decent printing speed and quality, you can expect better printing experience without having any trouble.


  • The optical sensor resolution is a bit lower side in this particular inkjet printer.

7. Brother MFC-T4500DW A3 Inkjet Printer

Brother MFC-T4500DW A3 Inkjet Printer

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Finally, we are on the last spot of this list, but it doesn’t mean that we forgot to list the best out of the best inkjet printer option on the last spot. So, on the seventh spot of this list, we have decided to give a chance to the Brother MFC-T4500DW A3 Inkjet Printer. First thing first, it is a premium segment of the printer; that’s why if your budget is not that high, then it would be great if you skip this option. However,  it is also true that if you are willing to get the top-notch printing quality, then do consider this one before making the final purchase decision. There are many features to talk about, but let’s first focus on the usage section. If you want to buy a heavy usage of printers that can print too many pages per day, this one can serve you amazingly well.

You don’t need any type of cartridges to print through this color inkjet printer; we are saying this because there is a specific ink tank present by the side. It is going to be an awesome surprise that this printer can print more than 35 pages per minute, which is incredible. The automatic two-sided printing function is another great highlight, so you don’t need to print side by side on a page.


  • It comes with the wireless connectivity, that’s why you can send the printing commands to the printer wirelessly.
  • With impressive printing speed and printing quality, it becomes the most efficient type of inkjet printer of this list.


  • The price of this Printer by Brother brand is way higher than any inkjet printer of this list.

How To Choose The Right Inkjet Printer In India

We know how hard it is for an average person to make a solid buying decision in favor of an inkjet printer in India. We are saying this because we know how much competition and variations present in the market related to these printers. Therefore we have decided to bring this in-detailed buying guide for all the readers of this post where we will talk about the main segments and considerable points about inkjet printers.

It is a guarantee that if you consider these below-listed points, then you will be able to find the best inkjet printer as per your needs.

  • Multi-functional or Single-functional

If we talk about the inkjet printers, then there are two different types of printers present, one is the single functional one, and the second one is the multi-functional. WIth the single-functional printer, you can only get printouts of documents and photos by connecting with pc or your smartphone. But, the multi-functional printers can perform different tasks like printing, copying, and scanning the documents. So, you can choose any of them as per your needs, but in our opinion, it would be great if you select the multi-functional ones.

  • Printing Quality

Suppose if you have bought an inkjet printer that doesn’t have a good DPI rendering sensor, then for sure, you won’t get the excellent quality of printing. Right? In this case, your overall experience with that particular inkjet printer is going to be worthless; that’s why you shouldn’t ignore the printing quality segment. To choose the printer’s right printing quality, you should always keep an eye on the DPI resolution. If you are getting more than 1200 DPI resolution, it would be great to use that particular printer for normal printing usage. In case if you want more clarity in the smaller text, then do make sure to go with a higher DPI resolution of the printer only.

  • Printing Cost
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If you don’t want your chosen printer costs you way higher in the long run, then printing a printer is an essential segment for you to consider. The printing cost of a printer depends on how much ink the printer uses to print a single page. Most of the time, the manufacturers prefer to mention printing costs in the main description of a printer. If a particular printer is offering a printing cost of around two to three rupees per page, it would be great for home and office use.

  • Connectivity

If your chosen printer doesn’t have excellent operating system support and functional connectivity, you should skip it. If you are going with a budget-friendly inkjet printer, you will surely get the USB connectivity with the ideal support of the various operating systems. If you are getting the wireless connectivity feature under the price of ten thousand rupees, then you should go with that particular printer without any hesitation. With wireless connectivity inkjet printers, you can send printing commands wirelessly, and not only this, but some printers also show compatibility with smart devices because of wireless connectivity.

  • Cost

The price point of a product is the biggest thing that matters, but in the end, because this is the point that it depends on whether you are going with a particular option or not. Right? So, if you are dealing with a strict budget issue while choosing the right type of inkjet printer in India, don’t worry, we are here to help you out. We are saying this because in this post we have added a list of seven inkjet printers, and the best part is that most of them are budget-friendly options. That’s why you should go through each option of this list, and surely you will find out one perfect suited inkjet printer as per your needs plus budget.

Inkjet Printer Frequently Asked Questions

An inkjet printer is the most amusing printers to have at office or home. It is a printing technology that uses droplets of ink to form texts and content in a paper. The pinhead uses the accurate measure of ink to imprint the texts. If you are purchasing an inkjet printer for your office or home, then you need to take a look at these solutions.

  • Why is it called an inkjet printer? 

It is called inkjet as it shoots ink into the print head to create texts and alphabet on a paper. The mechanism of the printer is fast and ink streaming speed is high. It does not waste any ink droplets in the process. The unused ink in the pinhead returns to the ink cassette.

  • What are the materials can I use in the printer? 

The inkjet printer is beneficial to print on papers, plastic, metals, glass, and other materials. It is a great printer to use on commercial products such as cans, bottles, labels and more. The markings on these surfaces are precise and long-lasting. When using the right materials and techniques you can almost print anything with these printers.

  • Is it possible to use contact coders in this printer? 

Yes, the inkjet printer can use programmed code and imprint the same on products. It will not touch the product but sprays the ink in the programmed design. It can print head on material from a distance of 3 inches. It can print on moving objects and papers with ease.

  • How good is the printing speed of inkjet printers? 

There is different variety of inkjet printers in the market. The printer can print even on the product moving at 5 meters speed. It can easily pin 300 characters sequences on any material per second. It is safe to say that inkjet is one of the fastest printing technologies in the market.

  • How is an inkjet printer cost-efficient? 

An inkjet printer is not only used for printing on papers or plastic. You can use this printing technology to print cartoon images, logos and labels on products. It is a multipurpose printing machine for a business. You can perform more than two tasks with the help of this printer. The ink and energy consumption of this printer is efficient that makes it, even more, cost-friendly.

  • What is the downtime of inkjet printers? 

In other printers, it is essential to take care of the ink clogging issue. However, in the inkjet printer will you not face such problems. If the ink head is open the printer automatically covers the nozzle it to prevent ink drying. It reduces downtime or idle time for the printer.

  • How portable is the inkjet printer? 

The inkjet printers are available in both bulk and compact models. If you require a model with mobility, then there are plenty of options for you. Space or portability is not at all an issue with the new model inkjet printers.

The inkjet printers are the fastest printing technology in the market. Get the best one by paying attention to the above FAQ’s.


We know how complicated it is to choose the right type of inkjet printer out of dozens of options already present in the market. If you are feeling bored choosing a printer option for your home or office use, this whole post was all about you. We are saying this confidently because here on this post; we have compiled a detailed list of seven best inkjet printers in India 2020 for both office and home use.