The world has changed towards virtual reality in terms of business and education. This virtual world requires a comprehensive set up at home and office to bridge the gap. More importantly, the gadget that we are devoid of is the printer. As the students get on to the virtual model of learning, taking print copies of the study materials to become essential. Also, the people at work have already been assigned work from home. A printer is a crucial device that is required to be available too.

Moreover, any business to run, the service of a printer is ideally the primary requirement. With these varied services to various sectors of life, we have come up with our recommendations of 10 best printers that are available in the market. Before getting into that, we must understand the advantages a printer can bring to you.

For you to choose the right printer for your computer, your requirement is the essential aspect. To understand the need, it is prudent to know the benefits of having a printer at home.

The prime benefit of buying a printer is the convenience it offers. You will experience that as you purchase a suitable printer from the list given after this column. The ease of taking print copies at your convenience is incomparable. It also eases the task of you reaching out to the printer shops. Moreover, accessing the printer shop in this situation is not safe as well. It also adds convenience in creating back up documents for confidential ones. Also, this is an excellent opportunity for you to reduce the overall cost factor. Though the documents that you would want to take print copies shall be minimal, in the longer run, it shall be an integral part of your system that shall help you in making hard copies as per the requirement.

On the other hand, the long term printing from the printer shops and the traveling cost is vastly reduced too. There are other significant benefits you may come across using a printer at home. A printer is not only used to take print copies of documents. You can also make print copies of the photographs. Also, there are few printer models available which can allow you to send a fax too.

In simpler words, having a printer at home shall reduce a lot of clutter, and also usage of different types of machines and services for one particular task. Understand your requirement and look for the best one that suits that.

Best Buy Printers Online In India

We are recommending these printers after thorough research, keeping in mind the Indian mentality towards studying and business.

1. Epson L130 Single-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer

Epson L130 Single-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer

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Epson has always given the best to the world. The print devices offered to the digital world has various types of users buying them. Epson L130 is one such printer which can be used only for printing purpose. A concrete home office model that comes with a sleek and compact design. You do not have to worry about the space it can occupy. It is relatively smaller than any of the contemporary printer models available these days.

This printer is a cost-effective option that helps in getting black and white, as well as color print, done. The ink tank model gives high-resolution print copies with high speed too. The impressive speed of the printer is highly commendable. Moreover, the printer’s performance is set in such a way that it has 27 pages per minute as the speed for black and white. While 18 pages per minute for color print copies.

You can connect your laptop or the desktop through USB 2.0 port and give you a hassle-free ink filling method. The exclusive tubes present in the printer injects ink seamlessly and offers seamless print copies.

The printer supports varied sizes of papers too. It is compatible with A4,A5,A6, B5,C6, DL. With such features and affordable prices makes Epson L130 the best in the market. This printer can be used at a small office or home, and it is ideal for normal usage. Ideally, it can take up to 300 pages a month and has a resolution of 5760X1440.

This excellent printer comes with a few compatible ink bottles. You can use T6641 fir black, T6642 for Cyan, and T6644 for magenta. These ink bottles can easily offer 4500 pages of black and white print copies, while the color ink combination can offer up t0 7500 copies. With an incredible one year warranty, this is a perfect low budget model for home and small office usage.


  • A cost-effective model for home usage
  • The printer has an impressive speed of 27 ppm for black and white
  • Small and compact design that does not occupy a more prominent space
  • The seamless ink transfer tubes give a high-resolution print
  • The printer is named for its reliability


  • The stack size is smaller

2. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer (Black)

Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer

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Canon is named for its reliable electronic gadgets that work for a longer time. This incredible printer is an apt device for home office or domestic usage. The monochrome printer comes with good robust design, and that makes it sturdy too. The weight of the device is low compared to many of the similar models. This feature makes the printer portable as well. The best part about the printer is, you can print, scan as well as take a copy of the same. With this multifunctional ability, Canon Pixma G2012 is considered to be the optimum device for normal usage.

This printer can be easily connected to the laptop or the desktop using a USB cable. It is not compatible with the macOS but has a wide range of compatibility with Windows. Canon Pixma G2012 comes with a 1.2 LCD screen that has a clear display of information. The speed at which this printer executes the print command is commendable. The performance of the printer is excellent too. The pace is rated up to 8.8 Images per minute for black and white, while five images per minute for any color print copy.

The duty cycle of the printer is worth to be mentioned here. For this model, 300 pages and more for a month is an incredible feat. As this model is designed exclusively for small office usage or home usage, this is a fantastic feature that you must bank on. The print resolution is pretty decent with 4800X1200 DPI. Also, this printer supports A4,A5, and B5 papers.

The printer is compatible with GI -790 for black and white and GI – 790 for Cyan, magenta, and yellow for the color. The ink lasts longer, and a single bottle comes up to 4000 pages in the black and white and 7000 pages for color. This is a cost-effective model in the long run and has high levels of durability too. The lifespan of the printer is also too high with Canon offering a 1-year warranty too.


  • An affordable printer for home or small office usage
  • Outstanding speed in terms of printing
  • Wide range of Windows devices connectivity
  • Has a more significant stack option and prints data seamlessly
  • With a nine paise per page for black and white print, this is a cost-effective option in the long run too
  • Very high paper output


  • The ink takes a bit longer to dry

3. HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer

HP 310 All-in-One Ink Tank Colour Printer

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HP has unleashed the economic model of printers that can be used by all. HP 310 is named for small office and home usage, the versatility this printer has no bounds. A fabulous technological feature shall amaze you. Of course, this is a multifunctional device that can print and also scan. While everyone talks about the speed of the print, this model scans a copy in 21 seconds. The printer’s performance is highly rated, and it stands up to the expectations and sometimes beyond that.

The print copies can be expanded to cover maximum data, and print comes with utmost clarity. The inkjet mechanism works wonders here, especially for color print copies. The device stands out on the speed of printing too. With 7.5 pages per minute in black and white and 4.5 ppm in color, it is a commendable feat. The printer is reliable for its print quality. Thanks to the ink that is used. Oh yes, the ink can be easily refilled, and you easily get the notification when the ink level goes down. A complete hassle-free device that can be conveniently used at home or even a small office space of yours.

The most attractive feature is the power saving mechanism. The cost-effectiveness comes in various forms while using this printer. One is the price of the device, and next comes with the effectiveness of printing the pages. While the power consumption being less, the overall cost factor is drastically reduced.

The printer can support A4, A5, A6 ad DL Envelope type of papers. The print resolution is also nominal, and it has 4800X1200 DPI with HP’s ink bottles. Black and white can yield up to 6000 pages while the color can reach around 8000 pages. The massive performance is understood from the duty cycle. These incredible printers can print up to 1000 pages a month.


  • A compact model that can be easily carried
  • A cost-effective printer that offers 10P per page
  • The duty cycle of the printer is amazing
  • With 6000 pages per ink bottle, this is an excellent printer too
  • The power consumption is less too
  • One year warranty


  • The smudging of ink is possible when the watercolor reaches the empty state

4. HP DeskJet 2135 All-in-One Ink Advantage Colour Printer

HP DeskJet 2135 All-in-One Ink Printer

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HP has unleashed yet another printer that has a maximum capacity to offer high-class print copies. The product is named for its durability. The printer is considered to be long-lasting too. The compact size if the printer allows you to store it anywhere in the house. Oh yes, this is an ideal home or small office usage. The printer’s versatility can be understood from the portable feature of it. Moreover, the high-performance HP DeskJet 2135, is on the print resolution. With 1200X1200 for black and white, the color print holds 4800X1200 DPI.

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The duty cycle of HP printers is always high. The combination of seamless inkjet tools and the appropriate technology makes the printer go up to 1000 prints a month. While this being the maximum print capacity of the printer, it can also print 480 pages per ink bottle for black and white. The color can print around 180 pages per bottle. The printer can be connected to a laptop or a desktop through a hard-wired connection. USB 2.0 makes it possible to offer seamless service.

The multifunctional printer can give you quick scan and also faster printing performance. The thermal ink technology HP has used in this printer makes the print copy reliable and gets dried soon too. The energy-efficient tool also saves money. HP is a versatile manufacturer who gives printer for all types of users. This model also gets connected to the pen drives without needing to communicate with any of the computers. The stack capacity is around 60 and prints 7.5 pages per minute for black and white print. On the other hand, for the color prints, it takes a minute to print five pages.

The ink refilling is also made hassle-free. This allows you to fill the cartridges without creating any mess.


  • Excellent design that makes the device highly portable
  • The product is considered to be cost-effective
  • The duty cycle is incredible too
  • Energy-efficient printer
  • Maximum durability and has a long life span


  • The printer is expensive

5. Canon PIXMA E477 All-in-One Wireless Ink Efficient Colour Printer (White/Blue)

Canon PIXMA E477 All-in-One Wireless Ink Printer

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Canon is named for its convenient printer models. This time Canon Pixma E477 comes with fabulous features that allows you to take print copies at your will. The best part is, you can get the printer connected through wireless as well. The printer has the capacity to work on multiple modes. This can be a printer and an excellent scanner too. The flatbed CIS scanner does the job with higher speed. You can connect the printer through USB cable as well. When it comes to the wireless connection, it can communicate with the devices through Wifi and the Google cloud.

The printer’s speed is commendable as well, with eightipm for black and white fouripm for color. The printer supports A4,A5, B5. The stack tray capacity being 60 is ideal for any small office too. The printer is compatible with most of the operating systems—windows, as well as macOS.

When we talk about speed, the speed at which this device scan is highly appreciated. It takes only 20 seconds to scan the sides of a page—a high-quality color printer ideal for taking photographs as print copies too. The wireless mode allows you to choose the print sitting anywhere at home. Also, you can connect your cellphone to make print copies as well.


  • A comprehensive printer for the small office or domestic usage
  • The printer can be connected to the devices wirelessly too
  • Broad compatibility over Windows and macOS
  • The speed at which it scans is impressive too


  • The durability is under question

6. Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer (Black)

Epson Eco Tank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

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This is an excellent printer with incredible speed printing technology. Unbelievable 33 black and white pages per minute make it the best office use printer. No doubt, it can be used at home for its size too. Yes, the size is so compact that it does not occupy any big space as well. The product is named for its high levels of durability. Epson EcoTankis an entirely eco-friendly printer that comes with multifunctional features. The printer is named for its long life span too. The scanner works on flatbed technology and has high levels of versatility.

With appropriate ink, the printer can print 4500 black and white copies and 7500 color print copies. This feature makes the device the best in the market so far. The one year warranty for the printer shows the reliability of the device. The pages that this printer supports are A4,A5,A6, B5, C6, and DL. The printer comes with sturdy ink bottles that last longer too. The resolution of the print is impressive, and it comes with the incredible DPI it has.

A multifunctional unit, this product is named for its qualified performance. The high-class printer also consumes less power making the overall cost less too. The price per page of a black and white copy is 7 Paise, which makes it most sought after machine for any office or home. You can easily take 300 pages are more as a print every month. The space-saving design of the printer is top-notch quality, and it is portable as well. The remarkable money-saving technology makes it the best product in the market so far.


  • A whopping 33 pages per minute is an incredible speed
  • A high performing multifunctional printer
  • Ace printer for office usage where maximum print copies can be taken
  • The device is highly durable
  • The life span of the product is long too


  • The price is a bit high when compared to other products in the same range

7. HP 1020 Plus Single Function Laser Printer

HP 1020 Plus Laser Printer

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A power printer in a compact design is what you see right now. HP 1020 is a laser printer and has a lightning speed printing capacity. Fourteen pages per minute for black and white is highly lauded for this model. The design is so small, and it can be carried easily too. The portability feature is highly required in office situations. This device suits well in a small office as well as home usage. The printer can be connected through a USB cable and has a maximum capacity of 5000 pages a month. This is the one factor that makes this product very attractive.

The toner that is used in the printer can come up to 2000 pages of print. Overall the performance is fabulous. Moreover, the product comes with fantastic power-saving technology too. The sleek body can fit up to 60 pages in one stack. This printer is compatible with all the Windows Operating systems and not the mac.


  • A super-fast Laser Printer
  • A high performing printing unit
  • 14 pages per minute are commendable
  • The design is small and compact
  • The duty cycle of the printer is also appreciated


  • A product is a bit expensive

8. Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing

Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer

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Brother has introduced the high performing printer for a small office as well as domestic usage. It has a marvelous unit that gives maximum output in short span. The laser printer is capable of printing 30PPM. It supports papers of sizes A4,A5, A6, Executive legal, Mexico Legal, India Legal. The excellent part about the machine is the duplex printing technology. Yes, you do not have to flip the page manually. You just have to insert the paper as you always do, and it prints both sides on its own. A high-class printer for a less price is the prize factor. You must need this if you are looking for a faster and reliable printing process.

The printer is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems. Also, you can connect it with macOS computers too. The wired connection through USB gives seamless print copies as and when you execute a print command. The next best feature is the duty cycle of the product. It can print 10000 pages and still can do more. This shows the reliability and durability of the machine. All this comes at an affordable price. This device is most sought after for all these reasons and does not miss it while it is available in stock.


  • The Duty Cycle is incredible
  • The printer is highly durable
  • A fabulous connect with all the Windows and Mac Systems
  • Speed of printing is fantastic too


  • The product requires frequent maintenance, if not the papers may get jammed

9. HP Laserjet M1005 Multifunction Laser Printer (Black)

HP Laserjet M1005 Laser Printer

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The ease and efficiency of the product is something that you need to rely on this HP Laserjet M1005. The proven HP technology has introduced another versatile machine that can be used at the office or at home. The multifunctional device can help you take scan copy in a snap. The speed at which this device operates is terrific. This is one of the reasons why people prefer this machine. Also, the resolution of the printer is impressive too. This is an excellent choice if you have any bulk printing to be done. It has useful functionalities rolled into one device, and this product is named for its seamless performance.

The Instant-On technology of HP LaserJet uses the fuser technology to work on low power mode too. Energy consumption is majorly appreciated also. The body of the device is compact, and that can help you save a lot of space from getting occupied. The intuitive features of the printer can help you take print copies in a breeze.

With 14 ppm speed, this device is fastest in this model in every brand. The print resolution being 600X600dpi for a laser printer, it is considered optimal.

This is an energy star qualified printer. The overall price is way too less than any of the printers in the market right now. With its versatility coupled with energy-saving methods, this makes the best product in the market.


  • The incredible speed of the printer is too good
  • The resolution is optimal and can give utmost clarity to all the documents printed
  • The product has a useful life span
  • Power consumption is also less too
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  • None as of now

10. Samsung Xpress SL-C480W/TEG 18/4 PPM Colour Laser All-In-One Printer (White)

Samsung Xpress SL-C480W-TEG Laser Printer

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This is 14 kilograms of beauty. Samsung has unleashed the best in the market printer that can support any type of user. The magnificent RAM capacity of 128MB, the speed at which it prints, is too much. The 18 pages per minute make the product highly efficient. The laser print technology has the color print option also. Speed and reliability are what is looked at when we buy a printer. This model is one such option for you. And that too from the masters of the technology, you will never be disappointed.

It is not only about speed, but it is also about the durability that Samsung is known for. Samsung Xpress is a faster way to get your job done. A high performing device that consumes less power is a prize at this current circumstance.


  • A super-fast laser printer
  • The durability of the printer is so high
  • The less power consumption factor is highly commendable
  • The overall performance is fabulous


  • It is an expensive model of all

How To Pick The Right Printer According To Your Need

The list of 10 printers that we have given is the perfect 10 for any type of users. The price range of these printers is also affordable and does not have durability issues too. Keeping these things in mind, we have this section for you to narrow down your search. Also, knowing the factors that need to be checked can enhance your selection criteria too. On the other hand, purchasing decisions must never be compromised, and this section shall allow you to explore the aspects that you must look out for your requirements.

What Printing technology are you looking at?

This is an essential aspect that you need to ponder. It is not about buying a printer. It is all about obtaining the suitable one. As such, there is two prime technology the printers come with. One is the inkjet, and the other is the laser. Both have their pros and cons in varied dimensions. Say, for example, and the inkjet printer is slower when compared to the laserjet printers. At the same time, laserjet printers are expensive than the ink counterpart. Also, the ink cost is higher than the laserjet toner. There are many features that you may come across, which shall be advantageous to specific users. You must be aware of these factors, match your requirement and buy the appropriate printer for your home or office. Most of the time, in the long run, the laserjet printers workout less expensive than the inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are the best when it comes to color printouts. The versatility you get while printing using the inkjet printer is not achieved in the monochrome laser printers. Look out for that suits the best for you. If you are planning to compromise on flexibility, then the laser printer is the right choice. Moreover, these days the inkjet printers have come with a massive page per ink cartridge ratio too.

Are you looking for multi-tasking printers?

Of course, yes, there are printers available that can offer multifunctional services. There are printers that not only print but also perform tasks like scanning and faxing too. If you are planning to set up a home office and planning to purchase different machines for that, this shall be of more significant support. Usually, they are called ‘All in Ones.’ Moreover, such devices work out cheaper too. Compared to buying all the machines separately, these printers offer versatility and come with less expensive price. These models are available in both inkjet as well as laser printer models.

Though the faxing need is vastly reduced these days, having it as a value add is never going to hurt. Also, the printers with scanners are a big hit too. You can directly scan the documents and save them on your computer. Though all the three services are sporadic at any business, keeping them at the office is the intelligent choice.

How effective do you want the documents to be printed?

This shall be the aspect of efficiency, effectiveness, and printer’s performance. And it depends on the purpose you are planning to use the printer. The manufacturers come up with standardized techniques to proclaim that their printers can print the fastest. Most importantly, they are not false, either. It all depends on the versatility and performance of the device. If you are so particular about this aspect, then you must check the factors given below.

Pages Per Minute: Otherwise mentioned as PPM, it is the metric that measures the speed of the printer. PPMs come in two different categories. One is for the ‘black and white,’ and the other is for the ‘color.’ Usually, the color printing speed shall be slower than black and white copies. While the PPM for black and white is between 15 to 20 pages, the color print shall produce 10 to 15 pages.

Dots per Inch: Otherwise mentioned as DPI, it is not an important metric that you need to look at. As such, it is the number of dots per inch from the inkjet determines the resolution of the printed content too. Also, nowadays, there are many software available that can get you the highest resolution without having to change the DPI. Still, the higher the DPI slower, the printer is the formula.

Duty Cycle: You must know this aspect while buying the printer. And it is the most important metric you must be aware of to understand the overall performance of the printer. The duty cycle is the number of copies a printer can print in a month. You must certainly have the number of copies less than the duty cycle mentioned as it is directly connected to the wear and tear of the printer. If you are planning for home use, then this must not be a critical metric, but for office use, Yes, you must know that.

These are specific metrics depending on your need. Select two to three printers and compare them to get a brighter idea. We are sure you can get the right one of your choice.

How much do the Additional Supplies Cost?

A critical factor that you must keep in mind while buying the printer. The printers might cost you less, but the additional supplies are where you will be stuck. The manufacturers can come up with expensive supply costs like ink cartridges, toners, and so on. Check for the price of these additional supplies without which your printer might not even work. Also, get to know alternate ways to fill the ink cartridge. Such costs can be more expensive than the actual printer cost in the long run. Do thorough research on the value of the supplements. You can also go for a costly printer that can work with less priced inks. One factor to be kept in mind is, some printers come with toners or ink cartridges that cannot be refilled at all. That means to say, and you must replace them whenever it runs dry.

You can also look for additional plans like the ‘ink tank’ by Epson or HP’ Ink program’ where your cartridges shall be sent automatically as and when the danger level of dryness is reached. They also offer concessions in such plans. All that you need to look at is the cost-effective way of printing a page, and that must last longer too.

Do you want to print copies from being anywhere at home?

This calls for a versatile printer. If your printer has wireless connectivity as an option, you can print any document from any connected device. This does not require you to connect the printer every time you want to take a print copy. Such features can also help you make print copies by executing a command from your cell phone. This adds more convenience to your lifestyle and also reduces the manual effort of connecting and disconnecting all the time. Your device just has to be connected wirelessly with the printer so that you can access the printer any time while it is switched ON.

Do you want the printer to print just one side at a time?

This factor depends, but many models can help take print copies of both sides without flipping the paper. This is the case with the scanners too. Such features save a lot of time and avoid wastage. Flipping paper for dual side print is always a mystery. A lot of times it comes wrong, and you may have to reprint the document once again. Such features shall help you get the job done quickly and flawlessly too.

Do you want the printer to take print copies without connecting to any computer or mobile phones?

There are options available in the printers that come with a memory card slot. This shall not require you to connect the printer to the laptop or a desktop. If you are planning to take a lot of photographs as print copies, you need not transfer the file to the computer and then later connect it with the printer. You just have to connect the memory card and start taking the print copies. Some models can also be connected to the cloud. Watch out for your requirement and then select the best one of your choice.

How many Papers should your printer handle at a time?

This might be a requirement if you are planning to use the printer for official and office purposes. Usually, most of the printers accommodate A4 size of sheets. The stack in the printer must comfortably accommodate papers in such a way that it gives out qualified printing. Mostly in terms of alignment. Take a look at this requirement if it at least holds 100 pages, and that must be sufficient at a time. At the same time, check if a maximum paper is stacked; the print content must not be misaligned too. However, in the market, you have many types of printers that can even stack 250 pages at a time. They are large stack printers, and widely used in commercial outlets.

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What is your Budget?

This is the last criterion you will check while buying a printer. More than the price, you must have the awareness to compare the printers with above-said features and then decide on the price. Manufacturers have come up with many low budget models too. Do not get carried away by checking the hardware price. As we had seen, check with the supply cost and also approximately calculate the value that you might incur in the future. Also, there are expensive models too. And they come with excellent features. Analyze if you need those features as well.

How to Care For Your Printer

Like every other technology, the printer requires maintenance to run without any problem. Many users will clean and care for their computer system. However, many often forget to maintain their printer. If you want the printer to last long then taking good care of it is essential. Here you can find some useful tips to make your printer durable with these tips. 

  1. Safety is the priority 

It is essential to consider safety when handling a printer. If you want to clean and maintain your printer then check if the printer is plugged-off. When cleaning your printer to need to check what printer model you are using. When ensuring these factors, you can maintain your printer without any damages. Every printer requires a different type of cleaning. Therefore, before cleaning your printer refer to the manufacturing guide to avoid the factors that are harmful to your printer. 

  1. Think where you put your printer 

Do not place the printer in any open space. If you want the printer to perform well, then place it in a ventilated area. The printer needs to be placed on a level surface. Placing the printer in an overly dusty place can damage the interior parts of your printer. You can save your printer from dust by putting a rolling wheel over the printing machine. Dust and dirt can reduce the life of a printing machine. If you use the printer regularly, then try to dust it after every use. 

  1. Keeping your printer clean 

A printer is a machine that needs regular cleaning. The ink clogs and debris can jam the printing ability of the machine. After every use, you can use a damp cloth to remove the debris and dust on your printer. To clean the interior part, you can use the lint-free cloth. You can avoid using any liquid inside the printer as the chemical can damage the parts. However, there are special cleaning agents that are available for the machine. Otherwise, you can use a small vacuum to get rid of all the dust inside the machine. 

  1. Get rid of the clogged ink inside the nozzle 

One issue on every printer is clogging of the ink. If the nozzles get clogged it dries and blocks the printing process. The best way to avoid ink getting a clogged issue is to keep the ink moist. Do not leave your printer idle for many days as the ink may clog. Make it a habit to print one page each day. By doing this regularly, you can take care of your printer. 

  1. Use the right ink cartridge 

There are plenty of cartridge types. You may have a lot of cartridge options for your printer. However, it is essential to use the ink cartridges produced by your printer manufacture. These cartridges are original and will keep your printer in good condition. These ink cartridges from the manufacturer are suitable for your printer. They are high in quality and they do not damage the machine like the cheap ink. If you want the printer to work for a longer time, then use manufacturer prescribed cartridges. 

It is easy to maintain a printer. If you want to take extra care for the printer, then follow the above tips to see the benefits.

Printers Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best printer? Inkjet or Laserjet?

It all depends on your usage. Of course, both printers have their advantages. While the laser printers are fast in printing, the inkjet is perfect in multi-color printing. The ink cartridges are expensive, while the laserjet toners are less expensive. In terms of the quality of the print, both are equally good. If you are looking to use the printer in an environment where you need maximum print copies to be taken, then opt for a laserjet. At the same time, if you are looking for many color print copies to be made, then go for the inkjet. Further, the laserjet printers are known for monochrome printing technology. An excellent printer is checked concerning its duty cycle, pages per minute, and resolution.

  1. How many devices can be connected to a printer?

This feature talks exclusively on the performance of the printer and compatibility. If you are looking at a hard-wired connection, then it shall be a maximum of 2. This may also, at times, give connection issues as the hardware at times gets confused in knowing which one to print first if both the devices provide the command to the printer. Also, there are wireless printers that can connect maximum devices. You can also connect your cell phone to it. And you must be aware of which is executing the print command. Moreover, there are printers available in the market that does not need you to connect the desktop or the laptop. You just have to connect an SD card and take print copies.

  1. What are the brands of printers that suit home usage?

While there are many brands available these days, HP is considered to be the best brand for domestic purposes. HP printers have versatile options and features that can be done by 2 or 3 devices at a time. Moreover, the durability of the machine is also commendable. It consumes less power too. Also, Canon has got some of the main features that HP has. It is one of the reliable brands too. Also, the multifunctional option that the printer has makes it the most sought after printer now. Between HP and Canon, you can choose the one that suits your budget too.

  1. Do we have any printers that can work for a long time without having ink-filled?

Of course, there are. Though the inkjet printers require the cartridges to be filled with ink at some point in time, a few models in EPSON comes with long-life print capacity. It can even print more than 14000 pages without having to fill the cartridge with ink. Of course, there is a difference in the page count when it comes to color print copies. But not as low as we think. HP’s ink program makes it easy for people to have the cartridges refilled as and when it gets dried. Incredible options are available widely for this challenge.

  1. What are the crucial factors that we need to check before we buy a printer for home usage?

Firstly, check with the design and size. You certainly would not need a large printer. The space it occupies must be minimal so that it does not hamper your day to day activities at home. Secondly, you must look for ink or toner life. Though your usage is going to be minimal, it must be checked to know when you must replace it.

Moreover, this feature helps you to select the right printer for your house. Thirdly, check with the price. Meet these two criteria and compare it with similar models. Then select the less expensive one if your usage is going to be more and looking for a printer that prints maximum pages. Then check for the feature called Pages per minute. This shall ensure that the printer is faster. If there is a wireless connectivity option, then it becomes versatile. Though these features are secondary, always check for the first three aspects that we had mentioned.

  1. Are there any ways to reduce ink usage and make the cartridge serve longer?

Yes, there are. Firstly, you must check for the font and the font size that you prefer to use. The bolder and thicker fonts consume more ink than any. Any unnecessary underlining feature also consumes a lot of ink. Always proofread the documents before taking a print copy. If there is an error, you must take a reprint of it, and it can be easily avoided. Check for the option that says, ‘Print in Greyscale’ so that it does not select any other ink. Check for the settings and alignment so that there are no more errors while taking the print. It is highly suggested to watch out for the ink level. Check if there is any warming signal and act accordingly.

Bottom Line

With HP and Epson cramming the market with a wide variety of products, Brother has taken the lead in giving versatility for a lesser price. Also, Samsung has unleashed its heavyweight product that can offer nothing but excellence. Go through your requirements and select the one that suits your need. Even attempt to compare the needs and product specs. Once you have narrowed down your products, compare the price factor too. We have recommended these printers keeping in mind the Indian mentality of Printer usage.