8 Best Printer Under 15,000 Rs. In 2021 (For Home & Office Use)

Most of the people are working from home, and most of the students are also taking online classes. As per the experts, the normalcy won’t return until many upcoming months. One thing that a lot of people are struggling with these days is a printer. Students need a printer to print the workbooks, and the office goers need a printer to print different materials. It is not possible for all of us to travel to the cyber cafes, and get the print outs. This is a thing of the past, and it induces unnecessary risk for the people travelling out.

The easy solution is to buy a printer. It would not only help you in getting the work done, but it would also help you in making home improvements. You can print photographs at home, and you can beautify your home during this pandemic. If you are buying a printer, and if you are not able to decide the price range, then a decent one would be around Rs 15,000. In this price range, you can get the latest model that is bundled with the features. You will come across laser printers as well in the given price range.

While investing in a printer, you must think a little before finalizing the purchase. If you end up with an unreliable printer, then you might end up with something that requires frequent repair. The repairs can cost a lot, and it can even leave the printer unusable. Our tech experts did all the necessary research, and they came up with the list of top 8 printers that are available under Rs 15,000. In the next section, you can check out these top 8 printers, and you can also check out the reviews of these printers.

So, let us now move ahead and see what our experts have for us.

1. HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

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The first option on our list is from HP. This model is a laser printer, and it is very fast when it comes to printing speed. The input tray can accommodate 150 sheets of paper, and the flatbed scanner has dimensions of 216 mm x 297 mm. The numeric LED Display shows you the settings, and this printer can also be used to get the photocopies.It supports USB connectivity as well. The effective cost of print is around Rs 2 per page, so it is undoubtedly an affordable option available in the market. The usage of the printer is not just restricted to homes, but it can also be used in small offices that often need high speed printing.

The maximum print resolution is 1200 DPI, and it also has a page yield of 1500 pages. The maximum monthly recommended prints per month for this printer is about 8000 pages per month. So, if you need a lot of prints, then this will be an ideal choice for your home.  The printer also has energy-saving settings that would push the printer into the power saving mode after a specific time. The scanner can be used for scanning colour images, but the printouts would only be monochrome.


  • It is a Duplex printer that comes with all functionalities.
  • The print speed is 18 pages per minute.
  • The ink cost is very affordable, and you can even buy an extra pack of toner in the combo pack.
  • You can park multiple jobs in the printer, and you can also perform various functions at the same time.
  • The printer can print directly via USB as well.


  • It is a monochrome printer, so do not expect coloured prints from this printer.

2. HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer

HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer

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Here is another option that we have from HP. This printer is for the people who are looking for a colour printer. The main advantage is the ink tank design that enables you to reduce the cost of ink massively. It supports Wi-Fi and USB connections, and hence it frees you from the wires. The printing speed is 7.5 pages for monochrome, and 4.5 for coloured pages. The cost of the print is even lower as you spend tenpaise for the black & white pages while you spend only 18 paise for coloured pages. The printer is easy to setup, and it is also easy to repair. The head of the printer can be replaced, and the repair wouldn’t cost you much.

The printer is suitable for the people who print around ten pages on a day. It also supports multiples sizes. In addition to this, the printer has a print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. It is capable of printing high quality images. A single ink bottle can help you with 4000 black prints or 8000 colour prints. HP offers one year warranty on this printer, but you can buy a two year extended warranty from Amazon at a very low cost. In the box, you also get a bottle of ink,so that would work as a few month’s supply for you.


  • It is a colour printer that comes with an ink tank, and hence the ink cost remains low.
  • The printer supports Wi-Fi printing, and it can also print borderless images.
  • The scanner can scan high-resolution images.
  • The spill-free ink tank ensures that you do not spill the ink while refilling it.
  • The input tray can hold 60 sheets of paper.
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  • Nothing that we could notice.

3. Brother DCP-T710W Ink tank Refill System Printer with Wi-Fi

Brother DCP-T710W Inktank Refill System Printer

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Another reliable brand across the world is Brother. This brand is known to be a pioneer in the printing industry. If you are looking for a compact ink tank printer, then you must have a look at this model. The printer is compact, and it has high specifications. The flatbed scanner performs as per the expectations. Connectivity options are also good as you can not only connect the printer via USB, but you can also take prints over Wi-Fi. Setting up the printer won’t take a lot of time either. This printer supports a very high speed printing. For the black & white, you can get 27 pages per minute, whereas, for the colour, the speed is 23 pages per minute. The printer also has a 20-page automatic document feeder.

The printer is recommended for the people who take an average of 10 prints per day. The borderless prints certainly make it a lot more useful. You can print full-scale images with the help of the printer, and the cost of print also remains lower. When you purchase the printer, you get a bottle of ink, and Brother includes a bottle of free black ink with every purchase. The warranty offered on this printer is one year or 50,000 pages.


  • This printer is a compact ink tank printer with very high print quality.
  • The printer has an LCD Display, and it also supports Wi-Fi Printing.
  • Borderless printing is supported, and the printer tray can hold a large number of papers.
  • You get one additional blank ink bottle in the package as you will be using it the most.
  • You get a one year warranty with this printer.


  • The colour print quality could have been slightly better.

4. Canon MF3010 Digital Multifunction Laser Printer

Canon MF3010 Digital Multifunction Laser Printer

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Another reliable brand available in India is Canon. The printers from this brand are top-rated, and they are reliable as well. It should be noted that this is a monochrome laser printer, so you will only get Black & White printouts using this printer.  The design is compact, and the input tray can be folded. The paper output tray can be collapsed, and the design is compact. The printer has a high print speed, and the laser technology keeps the cost of the prints low. The printer supports USB connectivity, and it can be connected to Mac as well as Windows OS. The maximum printing page is 18 PPM, and the 64 MB inbuilt memory stores the documents.

The toner can be replaced very quickly, and the cost is also reasonable. The brand has also integrated On-demand fixing technology, and it reduces the start-up time of the printer. The scanned images can be stored in 4 different formats, and the inbuilt RAM proves to be quite helpful in such a case. Overall, it is a reliable printer that is available from Canon, and you can certainly buy this option.


  • The brand offers one year warranty on this printer.
  • The printer is a monochrome laser printer that not only keeps the cost of printing now, but it also has a speed of 18 PPM.
  • The printer is suitable for people who require a lot of prints daily.
  • Seven segment LCD makes it easy for you to read and adjust the settings.
  • The standard scanner resolution is 600 x 600 dpi, and it can be enhanced to 9600 x 9600 dpi.


  • The cost of print is slightly higher, as it comes out to be around Rs 3 per page.

5. Samsung ProXpress SL-M3320ND Monochrome Printer

Samsung SI-M2021 Laserjet Printer

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At number 5, we have a monochrome laser printer from Samsung. This printer has a high printing speed of 35 pages per minute. Apart from this, there is an internal memory of 128 MB, which can help you in storing the scans. The single toner can give you a yield of 15,000 pages of standard pages. It has a very high output, and it also supports a variety of pages. The printer is compatible with a variety of OS that includes Windows and Mac. You can even use the printer for printing the two-sided documents, booklets, brochures, and other such material. The standard warranty offered by Samsung is one year, but you can buy an extended two-year warranty if you purchase this printer from Amazon.

Overall, this printer from Samsung is very reliable, and you can buy it if you are looking for a laser printer. The printer is best suited for the small and medium offices; however, you can even use it at home if you have that kind of requirement at your home. For more information, you can check out the product page associated with this printer.


  • The laser printer has a speed of 35 pages per minute.
  • The internal memory of 128 MB helps you in storing the documents when required.
  • A single toner cartridge can give you a printout of 15,000 pages per minute.
  • The brand has an extensive service network, so you will never have trouble getting an issue sorted.
  • The printer support two-sided printing.
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  • This model is a laser printer, and hence it doesn’t support colour prints.

6. EPSON L3115 Colour A4 All in ONE Printer

EPSON L3115 Colour A4 All in ONE Printer

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At number 6, we have a printer from Epson. Epson is a reliable brand that is known for its low-cost printing. It is often used in the printing industry as well. This type of usage itself speaks about the brand’s goodwill in the market. If you are looking for an ink tank printer, and if you are not able to find one yet, then you can even consider this printer. It is available at an affordable price, and the printer offers you with all the required functionality. The printer supports 33 pages per minute for the black & white printing, whereas it supports 15 pages per minute for the colour prints. The printing cost is lowest for these types of printers as it comes out to be seven paise for Black & white prints. For the coloured prints, the price comes out to be 18 paise.

This model is recommended for people who often need ten pages per day. The refilling system for the printer is also unique. Each bottle has a unique key that only fits into the nozzle of the respective ink. This design ensures that you do not end up mixing the inks in the wrong chamber.


  • This model is a duplex ink tank printer with a high print resolution.
  • The printer has a maximum print speed of 33 pages per minute for the black & white pages.
  • The cost of print is as low as sevenpaise for monochrome, and 18 paise for coloured prints.
  • The page yield for this printer with a single pack of inks is 4500 pages with black ink and 7500 coloured pages.
  • The ink tank supports error-free, and spill-free refilling system.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

7. Brother DCP-L2520D Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother DCP-L2520D Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

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We have earlier talked about an ink tank printer from Brother, and let us now look at a laser printer from Brother. This printer supports duplex printing, and it has a printing speed of 30 pages per minute. The maximum resolution is 2400 x 600 dpi.  The paper tray of this printer also has a large capacity. It can accommodate 250 sheets of paper. This printer is just perfect for home offices or small offices. Apart from this, the processor of the printer is 266 MHz, and hence you do not experience stuck printing jobs. It also has an internal memory of 32 MB.

This printer from Brother also has a low power consumption. It automatically goes into the power save mode when it is not being used. The cost of print is a lot lower than the competitors, and it comes out to be around Rs 1.5 per page. The print resolution is high, and the laser toner is also available at an affordable price. The brand recommends a duty cycle of 10,000 pages per month, and these numbers are enough for a small and medium office. Overall, Brother is a reliable brand, and if you are looking for a laser printer, then it makes sense to buy one from Brother.


  • This printer from Brother supports automatic duplex printing.
  • It has a high printing speed of 30 pages per minute.
  • The input tray can accommodate 250 sheets of paper.
  • Brother offers a one year warranty on this printer.
  • The maximum duty cycle for this printer is 10,000 pages per month.


  • Nothing as such.

8.Canon imageCLASS MF232w All-in-one Laser Wi-Fi Monochrome Printer

Canon imageCLASS printer

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Here is the last printer that we are going to review today. Its also the second printer from Canon on our list, andit is a reliable option as well. It is an all-in-one model printer, and it is good enough for small and medium businesses. The printer also supports Apple Air Print along with Google Cloud Print. Both these services make it possible for you to print over Air. Compatibility with OS is not an issue as this printer can be synced up with Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. The printing speed supported by this printer is 23 ppm, and it also has an internal memory of 512 Mb. The maximum resolution supported is 600 dpi x 600 dpi.

Canon recommends a duty cycle of 15,000 pages per month, and it also has a very durable head.  The brand offers a standard one year warranty on the printer, but you can opt for the extended warranty of up to 4 years. Overall, this printer is very reliable, and you can buy this if you do not mind spending a little extra. When you start the printer, it heats up quickly, and hence you get the first print in just 6 seconds. Some printers take over a minute to give you first print, but this is not the case with Canon. The printer supports a variety of pages, but the print resolution remains constant.


  • This model is a monochrome laser printer that supports Wi-Fi.
  • The maximum printing speed is up to 23 pages per minute.
  • The printer has 512 MB internal memory that can store a lot of jobs on it.
  • The printing cartridge has a yield of about 2400 pages per replacement.
  • The brand offers one year warranty on the printer.
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  • This printer is quite an expensive option.

How to choose the best printer under Rs 15,000?

The given price range is decent, and you will find many different models in this price range. You will come across printers with the latest functionality. The main struggle comes in deciding the factors to look at while buying a printer. In this section, we are going to talk about the aspects of purchasing a printer that will impact your purchase decision. Go ahead, and check them out in the section below.

  • All in One

If you are spending so much money, then you would be expecting an all in one printer. This feature is the bare minimum to expect in the given price range. You must go ahead and buy a printer that comes with a decent scanner and a photocopy functionality. These features will add a lot of utility as you will be able to get the photocopy of the IDs, and all other documents at home only.

  • Printing Technology

You must also look at the printing technology that these printers use. Is it the inkjet printer, or is it a laser printer? Understand the pros and cons of both technologies. The inkjet printer usually has a higher ink cost, whereas the toner of the laser printer is available at a nominal cost. The inkjet printers are also slower when compared to the laser printer. So, do consider the technology that the printer uses.

  • Pages per Minute

The next thing that you should consider is your usage. Are you going to take a lot of prints in a day? If that is the case, then you should buy a printer with a high page per minute output. If you print only a few documents, then you can also restrict your purchase to a lower speed printer. In general, the laserjet printers are faster than the inkjet printer.

  • Ink Cost

Today, the printers are available at a very lower cost, and in the long run, the significant portion of the expense that you incur is that of ink. The cartridges are costly, and all the brand stresses the use of the original cartridge. The brand cancels the warranty if you do not use the original ink. This is the revenue model, followed by most of the printing companies. In such a case, you must always check the cost of ink and ensure that the ink is available at an affordable price.

  • Ink Tank vs Cartridges

We have another point at similar lines of the point that we talked about above. To save the ink cost, a lot of people buy ink tank printers. These are the latest models that come with an inbuilt ink tank. You can simply fill the ink directly from the bottle. These types of printers would not only save costs for you, but it will also save a lot of electronic waste that is generated because of old cartridges.

  • Print Quality & Scan Quality

You must also review the printing and scan quality. If you are spending this much money, then ensure that the printer is compatible with the glossy paper, and it can be used for taking prints of the photographs. This feature is something that will help you in ensuring that you can make the full use of the printer.

  • Network Connectivity

We assume that you will be using the printer with multiple devices. In such a case, it makes sense to buy a printer that can be connected to the Wi-Fi. Such printers will add versatility to your home, and you will also be able to print via mobile phones. You will not have to connect the printer to your laptop every time, and this way, you will be able to give print commands from anywhere in the house.

  • Warranty Support

The last thing that you can check out is warranty support. The standard warranty available on the printers is one year. What you need to check is the service network. Ensure that there is a service centre near your house. You should not be in a situation wherein you have to drive 30 km to reach the service centre.

The Final Verdict

We have covered every point about the printers in the price range below Rs 15,000. You can review the top 8 models that we have shared with you, and you can buy any printer from the list. We have also covered a variety of brands so that you can choose a printer from your favourite brand. Apart from this, go through the buying guide to ensure that you select the printer that is good for you. If you need more details about the specifications of the printer, then you can go ahead and check out the product page associated with the printer. On the page, you will also be able to find the details of the deals available at the moment. Thank You.

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