A printer is technically an output device, in terms of computing language point of view, that gives a hard copy-portrayal of any sort of textual or graphical material being printed on paper. Now, we have seen that printers are there for quite a long time with their potential use in industrial purposesand office uses mainly. But in today’s world, we are actively in need of suitable printers even in our houses; be it an employee working from home or a kid in dire need of producing the best project work or even in home-run offices and small businesses. The present global condition demands staying at home as much as possible, thus in these conditions, a good printer is what we all need.

The particular printer in focus here is an inkjet printer, but belonging to a particular category i.e., ink efficient printers. There are two advanced types of inkjet printers present, viz. Ink Advantage printers and Ink Efficient printers. Both of these use the same thermal inkjet technique, the only difference lies in the fact that Canon uses the name ‘Ink Efficient’ for their range of these advanced printers while HP named its range of such printers as ‘Ink Advantage’ printers.

Coming to the printer about which we are going to discuss in detailand give an overall review here. Canon PIXMA E560 is a multifunction wireless ink efficient colour printer.In terms of functionality, printers can be categorized into 2 broad categories: 1) Single-function i.e.,performing only printing,and 2) Multi-functioni.e.,along with the natural printing capability, these come with extra features like scanning, copying, and even fax. Clearly, multifunction printers are recommended because of their ‘All-In-One’ performance in terms of managing all the documenting affairs efficiently.  Thus, on top of being a multifunction colour printer, Canon E560 also comes with wireless functioning. The PIXMA range from Canon is very much popular for its superior quality prints. This particular one which we are focusing on here is also a quite reliable and competent colour printer from the house of Canon, that empowers the user with a superior printing experience under an affordable budget.


Canon PIXMA E560 ink efficient printer is perhaps one of the best printers at present for its superior quality performance. With all the advanced features which the modern-day home setups require, this multifunction printer provides more or less everything we can demand under such a budget; scanning and copying along with great quality prints, Wi-Fi enabled connectivity, auto-duplexing feature, and much more. This printer is further equipped with features that can yield great print quality combined with the advantage of cost-effective operation. So, let’s explore all the features one by one now.

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Build quality-

  • This is a stylish, compact,and sturdy printer model in elegant glossy black colour.
  • This colour printer performs smart printing with great ease. The paper feed can be given via standard cassette type of input tray having a capacity of holding 100 sheets of plain paper at once.
  • This is quite alightweight model of 5.4 Kg and with a dimension of 9 x 30.4 x 15.2 cm, thus simple to move and handle. Also, it can get fit in a space-friendly manner to a suitable corner of the room.

Printing speed and printing cost-

  • The printing speed for this proficient colour printer goes up to 9.9 ppm (pages per minute) for black & white printing, which is greatly impressive.For colour printing also the printing speed is quite great which is 5.7 ppm.
  • This printer takes approximately 44 seconds for printing a colour document of 10 × 15 inches.
  • The cost of printing comes at a rate of ₹1 per page for black & white prints and ₹3.5 per page for colour prints.

Printing quality-

  • Eminent-quality prints with a print resolution of a maximum of 4800 (horizontal) x 1200 (vertical) dpi can beattained. The resolution capacity of a printer expresses the accuracy and sharpness of the subject of the printed matter along with the precise clarity of the colour, which is numerically calculated in dots per inch i.e., dpi. So, evidently higher the resolution capacity,the more is the dpi value and thus,the better is the printing quality.

Printing size-

  • A variety of page setups are available in the selectable option format, which is supported in this printer for printing are A4, A5, B5, I, LGL, Envelope (DL, COM10), 10.16 × 15.24 cm, 12.7 × 17.78 cm, 20.32 × 25.4 cm; all of which are standard paper sizes necessary for everyday printing. The custom settings in this printer for page size come as a pre-set width of 89-215.9 mm and a length of 127-676 mm.
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Other printing features-

  • Auto duplex printing enables this printer to perform both side printing efficiently and smartly without the need to manually reverse the side of the paper.
  • The printing area consists of a satisfactory 32.5 mm at the upper margin and 33.5 mm at the bottom margin.
  • The advanced ink efficient system ensures high quality, aptly pigmented and crisp colour prints without side-lines on all four sides due to the borderless printing feature that makes the printouts enhanced with betterment.
  • Plain paper as well as glossy photo papers can be used for stunning quality prints.


  • The advanced wireless Wi-Fi LAN technology ensures fast and effective connectivity with the hardware platforms of PC/ tablet/ Smartphone which is quite perfect for the modern-day fast lifestyle in which printing from even a distant place can be executed. The printer thus doesn’t need to be carried all the time by the user.
  • Also, a high-speed USB connectivity option additionally strengthens the solution to all connectivity hassles.
  • Canon SELPHY app aids in establishing a smooth connection with smartphones and tablets.


Scanning and Copying-

  • The amazing and easy-to-work-with flatbed scanner ensures trouble-free perfect scanning of documents with an optical scanning resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi.
  • The cutting-edge Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technique ensures accurate scanning with a scannable area of 216 × 297 mm.
  • This takes only 14 seconds to scan a document.
  • Fast and professional photocopying at a speed of 25 seconds per page or document is observed.
  • Multicopying also can be performed at a decent maximum number of 21 pages.

Power and system requirements-

  • This environment-friendly printer consumes quite less amount of power earning an energy star certificate and runs on only 16 watts when actively performing and a minimum amount of 1.7 watts when stays in standby mode.


  • The adequate power requirement for this printer is 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz.
  • The amazing feature of Auto power on/off makes this printer a smart one with added environment-friendly impacts.
  • It comes compatible with a variety of operating systems like Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista & Mac OS X v10.6.8or later.
  • This also works perfectly synchronized with cloud-based operations like Google Cloud service and in-house PIXMA printing solution app, which enables the modern-day user to print documents without taking much tension.
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Ink Cartridge-

  • This competentcolour printer performs the most efficient results with thecompatible original Canonink cartridges PG-89 (Black) and CL-99 (Colour), yielding up to an impressive count of 800 pages of black & white prints and300 pages of colour prints.


Materials in the purchased package-

  • The objects that come in the box of the purchased package for this printer are- 1 printer, 1 user manual, 1 power cord, 1 USB cable, 2 Canon ink cartridges, and 1 installation CD.



  • The printer comes with a standard warranty of one year from the date of purchase.



  • Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi LAN
  • Multifunctioning colour printer with efficient scanning and copying
  • Auto Duplex printing feature present
  • Value for money
  • Great quality prints
  • A best-seller in e-commerce sites



  • A bit high printing cost
  • Display panel is not provided in the printer





Overall, Canon PIXMA E560 is a multitasker printer with some great advanced features that empower this ink efficient wireless multifunction colour printer with mostly positive reviews and popularity within such an affordable budget. This well-organized printer comes at an attractive purchase price of around 7000 bucks. Thus, it can be said that investment in this particular one might prove really beneficial in this pretty competitive market of printers.

Some FAQs:

  • How do I connect my Canon E560 printer to WIFI?

Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer till the orange alarm light flashes two times; leave the button; make sure the blue Wi-Fi light flashes in quick periods and the green power light is steadily lit.


  • How do I connect my Canon E560 printer to my phone?

Download the Canon SELPHY app from the store; connect the printer and the smartphone under the same network; go to the ‘Register’ icon at the left corner of the app to add the printer.


  • Are Canon PIXMA printers any good?

Canon PIXMA printers are super recommendable as good printers because of their superior quality printing at an affordable price.


  • Which printer is better Epson or Canon?

Overall Canon printers are better in performance, budget-wise, and print quality at particular cost-wise than Epson.