Every office and workspace requires printers to help with the day-to-day paperwork and maintain a smooth and uninterrupted workflow. Printers have copied and duplicating documents so much easier for us. Of course with the advancement in technology, printers became better and much more efficient at their job of printing. Along with printing, the features like scanning and copying were also introduced them which made them more of a multipurpose printing solution. The earlier printers were dot matrices and weren’t that accurate in printing graphics. These were followed by the much more efficient and better quality inkjet printers. These printers used a series of jets that sprayed ink to create images or characters. The best of the lot was the laser printers which are the most accurate and costly printing solution available as of now. This printer is perfect for home purposes and also office purposes.


In the world of the imaging industry, Canon is a trusted and popular name. They have also been making excellent quality and cheap printers. Their printers are cost-effective and provide excellent text and graphic output. They have introduced a number of popular products in the Indian market as well. They also provide good customer support and after-sales service as well. The inkjet style printers have been around for a while now but they had their own set of issues as well. Although they may have made printing much more accessible and easy, they were plagued by problems related to the ink and cartridge systems. If these printers weren’t used for more than 15 – 20 days, the ink had the tendency to dry up. This was a major issue as the ink isn’t cheap to replace. But we still can’t ignore the fact that these printers are an advancement that the dot matrix ones which were slow and cumbersome. The inkjet printers are more compact and provide more efficient printing. To counter the problem of the ink drying up, newer generation printers featured a new ink tank style design. They are built on a unique ink reservoir plus cartridge which is different from the conventional cartridge-only printers. The ink in these printers does not dry out even after any use for over an extended period. The Canon PIXMA G3000 is a printer that uses similar technology to make sure the ink does not dry up. Let’s go ahead and look at this beautiful machine.

The Printer

The PIXMA series of printers were introduced at the start of 2018 by Canon. Since then they have become quite popular and renowned. The G3000 is a mid-range printer and has a multi-function set-up. This is an all-in-one printer that can print, scan as well as copy. This printer is an upgrade to the previous generation printers that are the inkjet printers. As the ink in these printers had the tendency to dry out after no use, these printers were soon replaced by the ink tank printers. The ink tank printers introduced ink reservoir plus cartridge which is different from the conventional cartridge-only printers. This made them much easier to use and operate as well. The refilling of ink is also hassle-free. Canon has ensured that the customer can use this printer as per his requirements without having to worry about the ink drying out. This saves a lot of money for the consumer as the ink cartridges are significantly expensive. This helps in providing the best user experience while working with these machines. The ink tank in the G3000 has four large compartments for four different colors. These colors are cyan, magenta, black and yellow. These four base colors form all the different types of colors that we require. The overall built quality of the printer is strong and robust. Canon also provides a 1 year or 30000 pages warranty with the printer. You can claim whichever comes earlier for you. As Canon is known around the world for providing excellent products that are built to last, you won’t need to claim this warranty anytime soon. If you need a printer for your home use, small business, or schools, this is the cheapest and the best option for you. Let’s take a look at what all other features this printer has to offer.

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The Design

Canon is known for making some of the best and most robust printers. Their built quality is exceptional and the same thing is carried forward in this design. The printer is around 445mm wide and 163mm tall. This makes it a compact device on your desk that won’t take up a lot of space and clutter your desk. This also makes it easier to move around if you ever need to. In spite of having numerous features, the printer weighs merely 5.8 kg. This makes it lighter than some of the other printers in this category that provide even fewer features. This printer also has a unique ink tank design. In conventional printers, the ink tank is placed on the side of the printer whereas, on the G3000, it is placed inside the printer within the main body. This tank can be accessed through the top cover of the printer. The tanks are transparent which makes it easier for the user to track the ink levels. So, the top cover can be lifted anytime to check the status of the ink tanks. The quality of plastics used is decent too. There’s nothing much to complain about in this printer’s design.

There is a paper tray at the back which holds the papers. The tray has sliders for adjustment so it can be adjusted according to the size of the paper. This paper tray is capable of holding up to 100 sheets of paper. One thing must be noted that when we open the paper tray it tends to slide backward. So, you will require some space behind the printer to make loading papers easy. The printer does not come with an LCD display unit which is amiss. This feature helps in the ease of use. We have various buttons to control the functions of the printer. The ink tanks are protected by plastic lid covers. In order to fill ink in the tanks, you must open the lid and pour the ink from the ink bottles. The bottles are designed in such a way that there won’t be any spillage. To sum it up, the printer has a good design which will look good on a desk. Also, the printer is light and compact which ensures that it does not take up a lot of space on your desk.

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The wide range of connectivity options provided in this printer is its main highlight. The printer comes equipped with one wired connectivity and two wireless connectivity options for the users. For your wired needs, this printer has a USB 2.0 connectivity option which is the simplest and the easiest. We also have two types of Wi-Fi connectivity options as well. This option comes in handy when you want to operate your printer remotely from a distance. The printer comes with its own smartphone application support called ‘Selphy’. With the help of this application, you can connect any device or cloud-based storage and start printing right away. This makes it significantly faster and easier to use than the other printers in the same price segment. The G3000 is also one of the only printers in its price range that offers compatibility with both Windows as well as Apple devices. It gives the G3000 an edge over the other printers. However, it must be noted that the printer lacks an Ethernet port.



The printer has four compartments for ink which can be refilled easily. The GI – 790 type of ink is supported in this printer. These ink types are easily available at most of the popular online and offline retailers. A full set of ink bottles will set you back around 2200 RS. Canon has been advised to use only original Canon ink to ensure the best quality prints. The print cost of this printer is also quite decent. A single black and white print will cost you around 8 paise per print and a color print will cost you around 21 paise. This translated to good yield and overall cost-effective printing.


In the Box

The power cable, a USB cable, a user manual handbook, and six-ink cartons – 3 bottles of black and 1 bottle each for cyan, magenta, and yellow – are included within the package of this printer. In other words, all the things that you will need to get the printer up and running for the first time




The G3000 is a multi-purpose all-in-one printer. The printer is capable of producing high-quality prints that have a resolution of 4800 x 1200. The printer supports papers up to 275 GSM. The paper sizesA4, A5, B5, Letter, and Legal paper sizes are supported in this printer. The ink tank is capable of providing 6000 high-quality prints and up to 7000 high-quality color prints. With the copy function provided in this printer, one can print up to 20 copies per minute. The automatic document feeder feature is skipped to save costs. The G3000 has a printing speed of 8.8 pages per minute for black and white pages and 5 pages per minute for color. It can also print a 4×6 inch borderless photo within 60 seconds which is quite impressive for its price range. Along with good speed, the printer also provides good quality text and graphics. The color reproduction is also on point and the images are crisp and lively.

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The printer also has a dedicated CSI flatbed scanner feature which is quite useful as well. The scanning resolution provided is 600 x 1200 DPI which is commonly what we see in this price range. Considering the fact that the printer uses inkjet technology, it can print an A4 size glossy sheet in 2 minutes and 20 seconds which is a commendable feat. Also quite surprisingly this printer is also equipped with a duplex scanning feature which is time-saving. The copier takes about 24 seconds to copy a page. But while using this printer, the noise levels can go on the higher side. It produces about 46dB of noise while in use. Apart from this, this printer provides an excellent balance of affordable printing and premium quality prints that do not take a lot of time to produce.




Although this printer will satisfy most of your printing needs, you must consider some things before buying it. The G3000 does not come with an LCD display which is a must-have feature for better ease of use. Also, it is also claimed that the G3000 consumes a lot of power as compared to similar printers in the price range. One of the last things to be noted is that the G3000 makes a lot of noise while printing. This can be an issue for some people working in quiet working spaces.


Our Verdict

The G3000 is an excellent printer that provides a bundle of features in a single device. This is a perfect and affordable device for people like small business owners, students, or for home use. Its overall built quality and design will surely attract your attention and the host of features provided in it will get all your printing needs sorted. It provides decent performance at an affordable price. The combination of features provided will surely help you in all your day-to-day tasks. The printer is compatible with Windows as well as Apple devices which extend its user base widely. All these features make it a perfect budget-friendly option. Not only does the G3000 not make sure to change your ink regularly, but it also delivers all the latest printing capabilities and modes a user expects from a home printer. The pricing is quite high, but mostly because the printing cost is much more than the initial costs. You can surely buy this printer, it’s worth buying.