In today’s date buying a printer has become a common and essential task for more or less every household. Previously printers were regarded and used extensively as office and industry appliances only, but nowadays technological advancement and the modern lifestyle ask for a smart home environment also. In that context, printers make everyday life particularly easier to lead as running out every time something comes up to be printed can be avoided without any second thought. So, one of the common questions that dwell in the mind of the potential printer-buyer is, “which printer should I buy?”, depending on a huge number of options present in the printer market. Now the suitable answer to this lies in exploring the different facts behind buying the printer and the purpose for its use as well. The budget, the functionality of the printer, the frequency of the printing, what to print, how much to print, the media of the prints- these are some of the deciding factors on which a particular printer should be considered before buying.

Canon MP287 Colour Multifunction Inkjet Printer (Matte Black)
  • Upto 4800X1200 dpi print resolution
  • 1200X2400dpi scan resolution-CIS
  • ISO print speed 8.4/4.8 ipm(Bk/Clr)
  • Borderless printing upto A4
  • 1 USB 2.0 HiSpeed

Home purpose printing varies from rare to occasional, in few cases that become a bit regular. But when it comes to small offices or small business enterprises printing becomes quite a consistent commotion making an increase in the printing load. The basic technique behind the printing procedure in a printer highly influences its effectiveness and serving a purpose. In terms of printing technology, there are 2 common types of printers exist, 1) Inkjet printers or Ink tank printers, which utilize the direct use of ink in the printing, and 2) Laser printers, which draw on the electrostatic power coupled with the use of toner powder instead of normal inks. Inkjet printers employ inkjet printer heads and cartridges containing ink that via specific nozzles spray minute drops of ink on the paper which gets dried immediately producing high-quality prints at impressive speeds. Ink tank printers make use of ink tanks filled with ink instead of cartridges. These are space-friendly & less costly printers, that are mainly used at home, printing less than 300 pages per month. There are two more advanced types of inkjet printers present; Ink Advantage printers and Ink Efficient printers. Both use the same thermal inkjet technology. On the other hand, Laser printers perform printing on static power using toner powder present in the cartridges that get dried too instantly leaving no scope of smudging at all. These are mainly used in large industrial locations that require large-scale printing in small time. They come costlier in terms of the purchase price with respect to the ink-cartridge printers but their cost of printing reduces in the long run as the cartridges in the laser printers last much longer than those in the inkjet or ink tank printers. Thus, the preferential use of the printing machinery highly affects the purchase cost of the printer and the cost of its functioning as well as the quality of its printouts.

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In terms of what function or functions the particular printer is performing, printers can be characterized into 2 broad categories: 1) Single-function.e., only printing or 2) Multi-function i.e. printing along with extra features like scanning, copying, and even fax. Instinctively, Multi-function printers are recommended because of their ‘All-In-One’ performance in terms of handling all the documenting requirements efficiently.

Keeping in mind the increasing demand for printers in office as well as home setups, different established companies in manufacturing printers like Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, etc. have brought several new and advanced models of budget-friendly printers that can be used in small scale purposes along with their high-performance largescale costly printers in the market. Canon is very much well known for its reliable and efficient printers that give high-quality outputs, especially in terms of graphical content printing i.e., photo printouts. The PIXMA range specifically is considerably popular. The quality of the pictures in the prints is fabulous. Canon also provides its latest printing technologies and image correction technique to this efficient range of printers which also make them value for money and utterly recommendable.


Now coming to the printer in focus for discussion. Canon PIXMA MP287 printers are versatile yet simple to work with inkjet multifunction color printers that endow the user with an all-in-one solution for print, scan, and copy within a reasonable budget i.e., under 5000 bucks. Several other features further add up to its usability as efficient and affordable printers.



  • This is a trendy inkjet printer model in elegant matte black color with nicely crafted curved sides and attractive finish.
  • This multifunction printer performs printing along with scanning and photocopying with such great ease.
  • This is a lightweight model of 5.5 Kg and with a dimension of 50.6 x 38.8 x 21.2 cm, thus simple to handle.
  • The smart functioning is aided by the quick start just after switching the device on.
  • The LED display panel at the top corner, beside the scanner bed, accounts for all the smoothly functioned buttons and the control panel as well.
  • The printing speed for this is up to 8.5 ppm (pages per minute) for black & white printing, which is quite impressive, and 4.8 ppm for color printing.
  • Photocopying speed comes at 2.6 CPM (copies per minute).
  • Uses plain paper for the print output via output tray, which is designed to exhibit a self-opening feature that prevents paper jamming. The input tray present at the rear side has a capacity of holding 100 sheets.
  • It provides high-speed connectivity via the USB 2.0 port.
  • High-quality prints with a print resolution of a maximum of 4800 x 1200 dpi can be achieved.
  • Easy and hassle-free direct printing from websites are permitted via the easy WebPrint EX software compatibility feature.
  • Booklet printing facility is programmed in this, as well as any content can be adjusted and fitted in the preferred printing form or sheet while printing through this great printer.
  • The hybrid ink system ensures highly pigmented and crisp color prints without sidelines on the sides due to the borderless printing option.
  • A total of two print cartridges can be mounted, one black ink cartridge and one tri-color ink cartridge that can be fit in an error-free manner into the color-coded docks that match the colors of cartridges.
  • The automatic scanning system via the MP Navigation EX software enables uncomplicated and tension-free scanning of documents directly from the PC and also exhibits advanced functions like cropping of documents and saving. A maximum scanning resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi is achievable.
  • This printer cum scanner cum copier takes approximately 15 seconds for scanning an A4 size color document.
  • The flatbed scanner uses contact-image-sensor (CIS) technology;shows a color bit depth of 16/8 bits for monochrome i.e., black & white scans, and 48/24 bits for color scans.
  • Complete HD movie frames which are captured in-camera can be printed preserving their entire splendor in the printouts also.
  • The page setups which are supported in this printer are A4, A5, and B5, all of which are standard paper sizes necessary for everyday printing.
  • This multi tasker printer comes compatible with a variety of operating systems like Windows 7, Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP2, Windows Vista SP3, and also Mac OS X v10.4.11 – v10.6.
  • The printer is provided with a standard warranty of one year from the date of purchase.
Canon MP287 Colour Multifunction Inkjet Printer (Matte Black)
  • Upto 4800X1200 dpi print resolution
  • 1200X2400dpi scan resolution-CIS
  • ISO print speed 8.4/4.8 ipm(Bk/Clr)
  • Borderless printing upto A4
  • 1 USB 2.0 HiSpeed


  • Smart and fast scanning
  • Attractive color printing speed
  • Good quality printouts
  • All-In-One function ability
  • Smart printing options
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  • Toner replacement not available, when exhausted the whole cartridge needs to be replaced
  • Can be a bit noisy
  • The scanner doesn’t work on an empty ink cartridge



A good printer is something economical as well as smart in its functioning. As choosing the best printer can often become a critical job to do, proper scrutinized exploration of all the features of the one particular model in mind needs to be done. Keeping in mind this crucial fact, the detailed features and thus review is given here for one of the popular printers of its category. The inkjet printer model Canon PIXMA MP287 is a suitable choice for seamless printing and related documenting purposes for home setups, small offices, and small business farms as well due to its great features coming at such an affordable price.

Some FAQs:

  1. Is Canon Pixma MP287 wireless?

No, Canon Pixma MP287 is not wireless.


  1. How do I install my Canon Pixma MP287 printer?

Connect the printer to the PC via USB cable; unzip the driver files; go to ‘START’, then ‘PRINTER’, add a ‘Printer’, complete the installation process from the unzipped downloaded driver files.


  1. How do I scan a document on my Canon MP287?

Place the document on the scanner bed, open the MP navigation EX software, go to the option ‘SCAN’ and choose the type of document to scan.

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  1. How do you put ink in a Canon printer?

Ink is put in a Canon Printer either via ink cartridge or ink tank system.