Printers and scanners are playing an important role in the daily life of small to large businesses. Having a hard copy of an important document is necessary for some security-related reasons. And documenting everything always come in handy in case of losing a soft copy of the data. Most people opt for printers due to this reason.

Even a student needs a printer for assignments, projects, and a few other purposes. On the same side, you can find scanners that serve the purpose of importing a hard copy of the document in your computer within a few seconds. Most scanners are designed to capture an A4 size print and importing it into the computer.

If you are new to these devices and willing t know that what’s the difference between a printer and a scanner, then we are here to enlighten you with the basic details. Here, we made a complete guide about the key differences to let you know about the use, design, working, and advantages so that you can easily figure out the usability.

Let’s figure out –

Printer and Scanner

Printer and It’s Features

A printer is hardware, and it is a device that is used for output. It generates a hard copy of the text or graphical content on pages or any surface you want. Basically, you are generating a hard copy, which ensures that you are getting the best use of all kinds. You can find that printers are pretty common, and there is a range of manufacturers to offer you a better usability.

You can find quirky features that differentiate these devices from the other models. Still, the main purpose is to give an output. There are small motors, dryer, laser toner, ink, and several other components to run a printer. When you give the command, motors rotate to insert the paper inside as well as keep it moving.

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The other motors are positioning the laser toner or inkjet to the sheet as well as paining small pixels. All the pixels together make text or images. The whole process is so fast that printing a large sheet of text takes a few seconds only. The dryer blows hot air, which dries out ink perfectly so that it doesn’t spill at all.

Nowadays, you can find smart features where you can connect a printer to any smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity features along with the smartphone app. Once you are connected, open the app, give the command, and you will get fine prints. There are color printers as well as black and white printers for a wide range of price points.

Key Features 

  • A color printer has a speed of producing approximately ten color pages and 20 black and white pages within a minute.
  • You can find the quality in terms of resolution, and it is all about PPI. Always opt for a printer that offers at least 600×600 per inch for black and white. If you want a clear image in the color printer, then it must be offering 1200×1200 dots per inches.
  • The duty cycle is the third factor that you can find in a printer. If a printer is offering 20K points per month, then it is going to provide efficient use for a small office.

Scanner and Its Features

A scanner is doing the opposite work of a printer, and it is an input device. It scans objects, pages, text, and any kind of document you place in front of it. It can generate identical images and process them to documents for a soft copy. In other words, you are getting a reproduced document of hard copy, which ensure a better use.

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It is mainly used in scanning documents, pages, text, photographs, and much more. The common use of a scanner is mainly found in scanning images that you want to use online. The electronic version of the document is modifiable now, and it can be rectified if there is an issue. So, it is basically a machine to recognize optical characters.

There is a small camera inside the scanner which is connected to a belt and lights. When you place a document and close the lid, you have to give the command from the computer. The motors start rotating and move the camera throughout the document. The small sensor clicks numerous pictures to create a soft copy of what it read.

The best part is, these documents are easy to copy, and the whole process is consuming less than a few minutes. The benefit of owning a scanner is to store a hard copy of any document or image into a digital form so that you can produce more of that. There are some smart scanners also available in the market these days.

Key Features 

  • During the purchase, you can find that there are resolution options available, which refers to the number of pixels per inch. If the pixel is higher every single inch, the scanned document will be of higher quality.
  • There are different sizes of scanner available with different size of the scanning area. You can choose the size based on the type of document or images you will be scanning.
  • Compatible is the key factor that you can consider because most scanners need drivers to connect with a PC, and if you don’t have the right version, then they might cause issues during the use.
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The Final Verdict

You haven’t asked for it, but we are adding one more type, which provides a better value for money deal, and it is a printer cum scanner or All-in-one printer. These devices have a printer, scanner, and several other smart features to enhance the overall use. You are getting features of both devices within a small format.

The design is similar, but you can find a scanner at the top, printer to produce copies of what you are scanning, and a small display to provide you basic detail about what is going on. These devices don’t need a computer, but you can connect using a cable or wireless connection to get better use, which ensures a better purchase.