Instead of printing using ink cartridges, ink tank printers have ink tanks for separate color. These colors are – black, blue, yellow, and red. All the rest of the colors can be easily formed by mixing different proportions of all these primary colors. Ink tank printers wooed people when the company Epson came up with the version of one such printer. Earlier, companies used to make huge profits because buyers had to replace their printer cartridges again and again. Additionally, the number of prints that you can create with such cartridges was also low.

That is one of the primary reasons why ink tank printers are such a hit these days. With almost a ten-fold increase in the printing capacity, ink tank printers are simply the best. After all, who does not like a cheaper and better option for devices like printers. You would have only thought ink tank printers to be the best; however, such printers also have some drawbacks that you should not ignore. This time, we have a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of ink tank printers. Let us discuss them –

Advantages of Ink Tank Printers

  • Long term cost of Ink Tank Printers is less:

As mentioned earlier, ink cartridges can be a bit expensive to afford. And even when you pay a huge sum of money for them, you will still print a maximum of 250 pages. However, with the ink tank printer, one can easily print around a thousand pages. You can buy them for personal use and let your entire family use it without thinking about any ink cartridge replacement costs.

  • Ink doesn’t dry out in Ink Tank Printers:

The heads of the ink tanks are made airtight so that the ink-filled inside them neither dry nor evaporates. Due to this reason, it will be possible for you to use the printer all year long without much of a refilling. However, in ink cartridges, if you do not operate the printer frequently, the ink will dry over time, and all your money will get simply wasted. This is the biggest cons of printers with ink cartridges, and ink tank printers help you overcome this problem.

  • The ink that is supposed to be filled in the ink tanks is not costly:

Even when you print a huge number of pages with ink tank printers, you still do not have to worry about the money that you are required to pay on the ink. They generally come in a set of four primary colors and cost much less than you expect. Additionally, you must know that you won’t have to refill the ink tanks again and again as the printing capacity of ink tank printers is very high.

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Disadvantages of Ink Tank Printers

  • Savings are realized much later after the printer’s purchase:

Initially, you won’t feel like you are saving money with the ink tank printers. Instead, the cost of operating the printer will come out to the same as other types of printers. Additionally, we have also noticed that ink tank printers are generally costlier than other regular printers. For this reason, many people skip buying the ink tank printers as they think that the initial investment is too high for them after comparing it with the cost of other different printers.

  • Refilling the tanks of ink can be difficult for some people:

when you first get along an ink tank printer, you will be delighted to use it again and again. However, when all of the ink is finished, the tank will require to be filled up. Now since the filling holes in the tank are tiny, you will need to have a lot of practice for the process. Additionally, you might also have to buy separated ink injections to fill without creating a colorful mess around the printer. After all, the ink is hard to get rid of, and it might also stain the table surface that you would have used to place the printer on.

  • You will have to purchase four different colors of ink:

For an ink tank printer, you will have to buy all the four primary colors of ink and not just the universal one. This is because, generally, ink tank printers have different tanks for different colors. This also requires you to handle and store them safely. Because if you lose or miss any of them, the printing will miss a few colors. Additionally, you have to keep an eye on the ink levels and fill it carefully without drying the ink head.

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That is all we have for ink tank printers. Many experts claim them to be better than other types of printers as the number of pages you can print with them is surely too high. However, we also wanted to discuss the disadvantages associated with the ink tank printers. After all, we only want to be the most honest with you. If you think of buying an ink tank printer, make sure you read everything we have discussed right above. Additionally, we will suggest you stick to famous brands of printers rather than going for the local ones.