Whenever does the consumer thinks to buy a printer, they the same question- which one to buy- inkjet or laser? Before taking a decision, lots of factors should be considered. So, to answer your question, let’s discuss it.

The major differences between the printers are that to use an inkjet printer, you will need ink, it is best for printing in bulk and it is perfect for home users whereas, a laser printer uses toner and is capable to do high volume printing. A laser printer is an economical choice that can be utilized well in offices.

Inkjet Printer vs Laser Printers

What is an Inkjet Printer?

An inkjet printer is a device that jets spray tiny droplets of ink on the paper. These printers are smaller and cheap. It can be used to print both good quality collared images and text documents. But, beware of the cheap inkjet printers as they can end up with good repairing costs.

Pros of Inkjet Printer

  • If you get the ink refill kits then it will help in reducing the cost of printing.
  • The price of an inkjet printer is relatively less than the laser printers.
  • You don’t need warm-up time before printing the documents.
  • Inkjet printers are light and small which makes them perfect for the home office where it will consume less space.
  • It is best to produce image-heavy documents and quality prints as they are best at blending and producing prints in vibrant colours as compared to laser printers.
  • A laser printer can work well on different paper types, fabrics, textured art paper, and glossy photo paper.

What is a Laser Printer?

A laser printer is a device that melts down the toner powder to get a print on a sheet. These are expensive as compared with the inkjet as they use the expensive cartridges. But, in the long run, a laser printer will come out to be the economical option with the fast printing speed and lower cost per page.

If you want to make a decision with full confidence, we have to go closer and check out the strength and weaknesses of laser and inkjet printer.

Pros of Laser Printer

  • The greatest advantage of a laser printer is the speed of printing the paper is much more than the inkjet printer. It is a valid point from a selling perspective.
  • Laser Printer produces a sharp text. If you want to print the text in large volume then a laser is only the way.
  • It has a higher monthly duty cycle. This means that the printer is built in a way that it can handle high volume printing work.
  • For the laser printing, you will require toner and it is cheaper in the long run if you want to print the paper in bulk. As the cartridge can print tons of pages compared with the ink cartridge.
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The need for the Printer

If you want to buy the printer to use it occasionally at home, most people will advise you to go for the inkjet printer. Although, there is a problem with an inkjet printer that ink will dry up if not used more often. Well, if you have a budget you can go for the affordably priced laser printer as the toner will never dry up.

With that said, if you are printing the coloured imaged and documents on a regular basis then the inkjet printer will do a great job. Laser printers are durable ones and will print in bulk quantity of coloured documents and monochrome.

What is a Monochrome Printer?

A monochrome printer will print the documents or text only in black and white. You just require a black cartridge for the monochrome printer.

The laser printers were built to serve the business purpose but now they are used at home because they are economical. If you have to print the documents in large quantity then hands down go for the laser printer. A laser printer can print tons of documents without batting an eyelash.

What About Colour Prints?

Colour laser printer is great to print coloured documents and text but if you want high-resolution photos than you should go for a photo inkjet printer.

The photo inkjet printers are specially to produce a good quality photo with deeper blacks and tonal variety that is required by creative’s and photographers. For the inkjet or printers, many professionals use pigment-based ink as it includes fade resistant that will go well with a wide variety of paper but you can also go for the dye-based inkjet printers if you don’t need the high pigment ink.

Difference between Inkjet and Colour Laser Printer

People do get confused about whether to buy an inkjet printer or a colour laser printer. This all sums up with why you need a colour printer.

  1. If you need high-resolution quality photos then go for a photo inkjet printer.
  2. But, if your work will go well with medium quality coloured images that will not need tonal range or colour depth than go for the colour laser printer as:
  • The laser toner will not dry up if it is not in use.
  • You can print more pages with the laser toner cartridges as compared with inkjet cartridges.
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How the Technology Works?

An inkjet printer will jet spray the ink through the nozzle on the sheet whereas the laser printer comprises a drum unit that will melt toner powder with heat to imprint the sheet.

So, a laser printer uses powder, and an inkjet printer uses ink to imprint on paper. There is a difference in application but smudging is possible in inkjet printers. But not all the inkjet printers do. The printers that use more of the pigments-based ink won’t smudge and the dye-based ink needs time to dry up and to settle down the ink. The smudging depends on the quality of the paper you are using. Some of the papers absorb ink easily while some don’t.

Quality of Printing

The quality of printing entirely depends on the output you require.

The inkjet printers print better-coloured images whereas laser printer prints better black and white text. The technology used behind also comprises of come limitation as to when it comes down the results of printing.

Due to advancements in technology, colour laser printers are now capable to produce impressive coloured photos. However, inkjet is still the best when it comes to producing high-resolution quality photos as it has incredible depth and colour tones. You can consider colour laser printers if you are satisfied with medium quality coloured images as they provide endurance, reliability, and economic advantages.

In brief,

  • Colour Laser Printers: Best for documents, text, and print medium quality of the images.
  • Monochrome Laser Printer: Great option for documents and texts.
  • Photo Inkjet Printer: This printer is excellent for printing high-resolution quality photos with tonal depth and wide colour range. It is great for photo gallery prints.

Speed of Printing

The laser printers were built to fulfil the need of the workplace so they are designed to print fast in between 15 to 100 pages per minute but the inkjet printer speed of printing is slow at about 16 pages per minute.

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As the laser printer has the capability to produce more documents than an inkjet printer so they are capable to print high volume monthly.

  • Inkjet Printer: 16 pages per minute.
  • Laser Printer: 15 to 100 pages per minute.

Print Volume

Print volume means the printing capacity of the printer in the given period. A laser printer is said to be the workhorse as it can print documents in bulk. And, the inkjet printers are for personal use so the print volume is comparatively less.

Page Yield

A toner cartridge can print a high amount of page yield as compared with an ink cartridge. The ink cartridge has the ink volume that can print between 35 to 1000 pages and a toner cartridge range is from 2000 to nearly about 10,000.

The ink tank printers have given access to the inkjet printers so that they can contain a high volume of ink in the printer to not change the cartridge again and again. But, these ink tank printers still comprise of ink so it has a limitation like nozzle claws and drying up. If you want to avoid changing the cartridge and you are not sure that you will print regularly so the safer option is to go for a laser printer. If doing the printing regularly to get the coloured documents then ink tank printers are good.

Summing up

Deciding whether you want to buy a laser printer or inkjet printer, it comes down to what you want to print and how much you are willing to spend on the printer. So, you will get to know a detailed difference between both the printers so that you can make a better decision without facing any confusion. Both the printers are good in their manner; it’s just about the requirement so according to your requirement select the one for you.