There are many types of personal printers that you can choose from. However, the most commonly used printer has to be a laser printer. In this type of printer, the paper is not struck by the keys; therefore, everything is non-impact. The technology used in the device is of the photocopier type. The entire printing process is finished using electric charges. Generally, all laser printers only copy using one color. Therefore, if you want to have a laser printer that incorporates multi-chrome printing, you will have to pay some extra bucks.

Laser printers were first introduced in 1975 by IBM. Over time, laser printers’ prices kept decreasing, but the huge demand for them remained the same. Some of the leading manufacturers of laser printers are Xerox, Okidata, and Lexmark. The entire operation of such type of printers is very quiet, and many people love this. However, you must be aware of a few advantages and disadvantages before you invest in such a printer. Today, we are bringing all of them to you. Let us begin –

Advantages of Laser Printers

  • Fine printing:

for high graphics and better print quality, many people stick to using laser printers. Even experts stick to the opinion that with laser printers, the printing is undoubtedly the most amazing. When you compare the sharpness of laser printing text with the print quality of other printers, you will find a huge difference. There is no other printer like laser printers. If you still want to find their competition, you will have to buy the most expensive printers.

  • The number of pages printed is high:

When it is about laser printers, you will be shocked to print at least 8000 pages before their parts need a replacement. Compared to the inkjet printers, we have found that since they need cartridges, the maximum number of pages that they can print only lies at around 250 pages. And 250 pages is still the maximum number of pages that we are defining. Additionally, you will also have to pay money whenever you change such cartridges. Therefore, laser printers are much better in this aspect.

  • Fast operation:

For better cost efficiency and productivity, a printer must be as fast as possible. And in this aspect, laser printers are just the best. This is the reason why many offices stick to buying laser printers for their buildings. Laser printers help their employees to work faster without any hindrance. All in all, this helps them to do their work in a faster manner. In the long term, you will also save money with laser printers as they are the most suitable when the printing load is high.

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Disadvantages of Laser Printers

  • High initial investment:

As you may already know, laser printers last for decades without difficulty. However, you should also set your mind that the initial investment you have to put to buy this type of printers is relatively high. Therefore, for personal uses, you should not buy them. Instead, you should purchase them if you think of keeping them in an office setting for the employees.

  • Huge in size:

many offices stick to saving office space. This is because if they have rented the office, they have to pay the rent every month. As the space requirements keep increasing the rent also increases. Many owners also tend to increase the rent by a considerable amount every year. Hence, for rented spaces, you will have to be cautious with the laser printers. They are huge and are not going to take negligible space. Instead, you will have to take extra care while setting a place for them in your office.

  • Complex printing is not something that these printers can handle:

Many printers can handle complex and intricate details of an image very easily. However, that can’t be achieved using laser printers. Image reproduction has been a major concern for people who only want high-quality printing. In many of the laser printers’ models, the manufacturers have tried to solve this problem, but when compared to other printers, tiny details are still missed by laser printers.


For places where high-volume printing is required, laser printers are highly suitable. However, for a single person to use, they won’t turn out to be that beneficial. We hope you will consider both the advantages and the disadvantages of laser printers before you even think of buying them. A smart buyer of a product is the person who thinks well before spending his/her money. We never came across a compilation of advantages and disadvantages of laser printers, and that is why we were inspired to bring at least a few main ones for you. Whether you buy a laser printer or not, you should be aware of everything that we discussed today.