While a printer solves many of our problems, it can still stop working due to some reason. If you know these reasons, you will be able to tackle them quickly. Most of the time, these reasons are so usual that you will be able to fix all the trouble without any problems. You also won’t need any professional help in most of the cases. Isn’t that surprising? However, we know many printer owners who don’t know anything about them and hence get all their money spent in the wrong places to get their printers fixed. If you do not want to be one of those people, read the ten top reasons that might make your printer stop working –

Printer Is Not Working

1. Paper jams

Paper jams in printers are not that common these days; however, that can still happen. Therefore, before checking all the necessary setups and wires in your printer, check if there is any paper piece that might have got jammed in it. Paper that is stuck can be smoothly pulled just by moving the printer’s rollers a little bit using your hands.

2. Dust

Dust is often the cause of trouble regarding the functioning of a printer. It can also become a massive barrier if its amount inside the printer parts is too high. For eliminating it, many printers have the self-clean feature. But if your printer does not have that, you might need to wipe it clean using a clean cloth that does not produce lint.

3. Poor Connection

If you connect your printer to your other devices using wifi, you might want to make sure that the connection is secure and you are in range. Other than that, if the printer uses the internet, you will have to place the router as close as possible to the printer to have better coordination.

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4. Uninstalled Drivers

Many times the problems in printers arise just because of the improper drivers. They should always be installed well for the smooth and enjoyable functioning of the printer. You can also try uninstalling and the n reinstalling the driver that you think is the main culprit that is causing trouble in the printer.

5. Low ink levels

Even when the ink is not fully finished, some printers might still send a message. Once they do that, such printers will need new ink cartridges. If the printer is of the ink tank type, it will require an ink refill quickly. Additionally, only choose qualitative ink options and not the local ones for better functioning of the printer.

6. Issues with the admin

If you use different accounts to use the printer, this is one of the most common problems that you will face. It is always advised to use a single account when it comes to the printer so that the machine does not get confused. However, if the problem has knocked on your door, you might need to authorize the machine.

7. The printer was not shut down properly

Many times people switch their printers off without letting it shut down first. While modern printers do not require a lot of time in the shutting process, older versions will need at least a minute. Therefore, give your printer some time before it turns it off; otherwise, you will severely damage it.

8. Roller Problems

Jams in the rollers are often caused due to the accumulation of tiny particles. To ensure nothing bad happens, you will have to wipe the rollers clean occasionally. But if the deed is already done and they have stopped to move, you will have to call and take the opinion of an expert to solve the rollers’ problems.

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9. Improper power supply

Sometime the electric supply at our homes may get disrupted. In such cases, the voltage levels go up and down and cause the printer to not work correctly. A UPS helps a lot in such situations, so make sure you have access to it. But if the voltage is highly fluctuating, it will alter the supply of current in the printer and make it stop.

10. Buying wrong cartridges

Buying local ink cartridges for your printer just because they cost low is a horrible thing. Over time, the printer will stop accepting them at all. We have also seen printers that stop accepting original ink cartridges ones they are fitted with the local ones. It is hence crucial to buy only the original cartridges of your printer’s company and model.


Other than the causes mentioned above, your printer might also stop working because of severe and profound damages in its parts. To get such problems fixed in the printer, you will need to spend a great deal of money. Therefore, if nothing works, please stick to calling a professional who might know everything about your printer’s model. We have tried to mention all the common problems that cause a printer to stop working. If we have missed anything, you can search the web and surely get your query answered.