The Indian Market has a range of printer manufacturers, offering amazing printers with quirky features to enhance overall usability experience. A printer basically outputs a soft copy of data, which can be a document, text file, graphical data, etc. Printers mainly help with convenience and let you backup soft copies and keeping them safe.

These days, printers are very cheap, and anyone can get them for home or office use. You can find different sizes to get a reliable product to fulfill your need effectively. You can look out for printing speed options; different page sizes options, smart scanner button, Bluetooth connectivity, and whatnot. You can find printers for almost every price point above 4,000 INR.

If you are looking for the purchase of a brand-new printer that provides value for money deal, then choosing a reputed brand can come in handy. As you can find plenty of brands, figuring out the best one seems a bit typical. Looking at the expertise of the manufacturer, a number of years in the industry, after-sale services, and customer support are the primary concerns.

Along with these factors, checking warranty policy, build quality, features of printers, and better value for what are spending seems like the topics of concern. We did this job for you and made a list of top ten famous printer brands that are highly reliable and can provide a genuine deal. Let’s begin by exploring some of the best in class products –


1. HP

Hewlett-Packard is a USA-based printer manufacturer operating in electronics since 1939. This many year of foundation, teams of experts, and a wide network provides great quality services. HP has a range of products like laptops, computers, Printers, Scanners, and more.

The best part about this brand is genuine after-sale services, better customer support, and great quality printers. All the products from HP tend to offer better credibility and the durability with most product ensure a safer choice. If you check reviews, you can easily find that almost everyone has a positive opinion about this brand.

2. Canon

Canon is a Japan-based brand of electronic devices dealing with cameras, printers, and smart accessories. They are operating since 1937 and seem like the oldest brand with such a great reputation in the market from the past two decades.

They have three main devices to offer Cameras, their accessories, and printers. They offer a wide range of products to get you whatever you want because you can choose for type, price, design, features, and anything which matters to you. Choosing a reliable product seems easier with canon, and you can find great options to feel hassle-free.

3. Epson

Epson might not be the most popular brand, but they definitely have a range of factors to prove credibility. Epson was established in 1942 in Japan, and it started with the manufacturing of printers years after the early business model. You can choose a pretty decent number of options.

The best part is, they offer great types with fewer maintenance costs. The price of the printer is also low, which ensures better value for money deal. The other quality of Epson is quick customer support with fast repair in case of having any issue with any Epson printer. The credibility also comes from their reasonable pricing and long-lasting printers.

4. Brother

Brother is a Japanese brand, established in 1908, which fits into the middle-range category. They are operating in printers mainly, and the key quality is premium look, eye-catchy feature, but a lower price tag. This thing is going to grab your attention toward Brothers printers.

They have a line-up of home and office printers. You can get inkjet as well as laser printers from this brand. The ink-cartridges are of lower price. The only issue with Brother is that they might feel hard to repair because of slightly poor after-sale services in India. For someone who lives in the metro city of India can rely on this brand and get great use.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is also a Japanese manufacturer and multinational company that started in 1918. In the printer industry, Panasonic started lately, but they definitely compete against the top sellers in a couple of years with the affordably priced printers. You can choose for some of the most affordable printer and still expect great quality.

This brand is known for affordable pricing and cheap maintenance of printers, which ensure a better purchase. They have a line-up of amazing quality printers. You can choose between smart, all-in-one, and standard printer for home and office use. The after-sale services network is quite reliable from Panasonic.

6. Ricoh

Ricoh is an electronics company, established in 1936 in Japan. They have plenty of electronic appliances, and in the current time, they are not that famous in India. But, if you want complete value for money deal, then there is no other brand like Ricoh.

For the built quality and design, Ricoh is using genuine quality material, and they have cartridges and other accessories available in the market. You might not find Ricoh printers in the offline market, but buying it online is also a reliable choice. The only concern is the customer support is a bit slow in the Indian market.

7. Xerox

Xerox Holding Corporation is an American brand, established in 1906. In the early days, Xerox comes up with some of the high-end photocopy machines. Who can forget the name of Xerox when duplicating school work was only possible with Xerox machines? It was a fun time, and many still call it Xerox instead of a photocopy.

The quality of Xerox is definitely the best one, and you can find a range of options that can impress you. The only problem is, Xerox is offering All-in-one printers in the Indian market. If you want variety in Printers only, then Xerox might be disappointing, but it still feels the best for quality and premium look.

8. Zebra Technologies

Zebra is a well-liked brand for Thermal Printers and impressive quality. There are no brands that offer thermal printers, but Zebra Technologies bought this kind of printer in the Indian market in the early days.

Zebra Technologies is an American brand that started in 1969, and they have a wide number of electronic devices. If you want something reliable and ready to pay extra bucks for the great functionality, then this brand is the best one in all kinds. You can expect a range of features from this brand for sure.

9. Samsung

Who doesn’t know about Samsung? It is a multinational manufacturer of smartphones, home appliances, computers, laptops, and whatnot. In the past decade, Samsung launched a number of printers in the Indian market. The quality of printer is top-notch but it comes for a premium price point also.

This Korean brand is highly credible for its network of after-sales service centers. You can expect the best quality services, and the printers are also credible. However, getting a printer ink cartridge is a bit typical for people who live in a small town. The rest of the factors are impressive and eye-catchy about Samsung.


These are all the top brands that can provide you an amazing value for money deal. If you are buying a printer, going with any of these brands, blindfolded, is not a topic of concern. The reason is their quality services and amazing brand credibility. The best part is the top three brands in this list manufacturer premium looking printers.

They provide quality printing, and the detailing is appreciable. All these brands are offering color and B&W printing options, which will help you choose the best one in every single manner. We hope that this guidepost will pour some light on the selection of a reliable printer and never face any issue in the future.